Monday, June 10, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 771 - 6/9/69

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Barnabas tells Beth that he couldn't convince Edward that there's no vampire, and says that since Edward needs a vampire, he will give him one. He says that Dirk will not live through the night, and will become a vampire. Edward will find and destroy him. He asks Beth to stay with Dirk until he turns, and opens the secret panel. Dirk is nowhere to be found. Beth says there's no way out of the room. She asks if he knows what happened to Dirk, and he says he did not expect him to die so soon. He needed to know where Dirk would sleep so Beth could lead Edward to find him. He says Dirk must be in a secret dark room that's nearby.

Carl enters, distraught, saying he needs a favor. Barnabas asks what he's talking about, and explains that they're very busy. Carl gives him a gift of taffy. Barnabas opens it and it's empty. Carl goes to get another from his bag, saying that 'she' must have eaten them. He then asks if it's okay for her to stay here. He says that he never thought it would happen to him. Barnabas asks what he's speaking of, and Carl speaks of Pansy Faye. He asks Barnabas to be his best man. Barnabas says he'll do anything for him. Carl asks if Pansy can stay at the old house so he can prepare Judith to meet her.

He runs out to get her, and returns with a woman who begins singing and dancing for them. Carl is ecstatic with joy.

Barnabas tries to explain that he and Beth need to find a missing servant. Carl says that Pansy is a mentalist, and can find Dirk for them. Barnabas asks Beth to fix Pansy some coffee, and he and Carl head to Collinwood. Pansy asks Beth for some Sherry, and she goes to fix her a drink. Pansy says she wasn't sure to believe Carl. She throws down her drink in a single gulp.

Judith says they need to find Dirk to see what he told Jamison. Carl says he has a way of finding Dirk. Barnabas says he should explain his plan to Judith while he checks the cottage. He leaves, and Carl says he understands that no one takes him seriously. He says he hasn't played a practical joke in 48 hours, and the reason is a person. Judith asks if he brought someone back with him from Atlantic City. Carl explains that he brought back a famous mentalist. Judith asks where she is, and he says she's at the old house. He begs Judith to give her a chance, and says she can help find Dirk.

Barnabas returns to the old house without finding Dirk. Beth says that Pansy is upstairs, and Barnabas asks Beth to go and get her. There's a knock at the door and Barnabas lets Judith and Carl in. Judith apologizes for the imposition Carl has made. Pansy comes downstairs and Carl introduces her to Judith, who is not impressed. Judith asks her to begin, and Carl produces a cuff link of Dirk's. She asks them all to sit, and has Carl turn on her music to get her in the mood. Judith says she's sure she needs it. Pansy asks Barnabas to turn down the lights. She begins her 'performance' and mentions Dirk Wilkins. She then passes out.

Carl is concerned about her, saying it's never happened before. Slumped over the chair, she says Dirk is dead and his murderer is in this room. Carl asks her what she means, and she snaps out of it, asking what she said. Judith says she has demonstrated an overactive imagination. She asks Carl to take her home, and tells Pansy she owes them all an apology. Carl says she has no right to speak to his fianceé that way. Judith storms out, with Carl following after her.

Pansy asks Barnabas what happened, and he says she accused one of them of murder. He asks who told her that Dirk was dead. She says it's a voice, and that she'd rather do her singing than her mental act. Barnabas offers to deal with Carl, and tells her to stay there. After he leaves, she decides to tell off Carl herself and leaves as well.

Barnabas arrives at the main house and hears Carl and Judith fighting in the drawing room. Beth comes out and Barnabas says he thinks he knows where Dirk's hiding. They leave together.

Pansy is in the woods when a bat attacks her.

Barnabas and Beth find an open grave. He wonders where Dirk is now.

Judith tells Carl that his woman is unsuitable, and she will leave the estate tonight. She says he can leave with her, but he'll get no money, nor will he be welcomed back to the house.

Barnabas returns to the old house to find Pansy in a chair. He puts his hand on her shoulder and she slumps over, with bloody bite marks on her neck.

Our thoughts

John: I was sure that spring snakes were going to fly out of the taffy box that Carl offered Barnabas. Funny when he mentions he's gone a whole 48 hours without doing any practical jokes. That doesn't seem like much of a stretch!

Christine: I think Barnabas was also surprised to not find any snakes in the taffy tin by the look on his face. It's nice to have Carl back, along with a girlfriend who seems perfectly suited to him, though it appears that the poor guy's romance has been cut short.

John: What good fortune that Barnabas had Pansy's greatest hits in his record library. I was kind of hoping we'd find that her favorite song was Quentin's theme.

Christine: It must be on the B side of Quentin's theme.

John: Chroma-key Bat attack! It appears that the bat budget has gone up since Barnabas' first arrival. Unfortunately, I think they're still shopping for bats in the dime store.

Christine: Dirk has an interesting green tinge in bat form, not to mention the disturbing little nubs he has for feet. I still prefer Bil Baird's bat to all others. Is Dirk setting Barnabas up by planting Pansy Faye in his house to expose him as the town vampire before he has a chance to do likewise to Dirk?


Grant said...

I never would have thought of it on my own (without that last paragraph), but Barnabas and Dirk trying to "out" each other as vampires sounds almost like something in a supernatural Hitchcock episode.

Paul Haney said...

Ah yes, the ORIGINAL version of Pansy's "I'm Gonna Dance For You" song! I've got a feeling we're going to be hearing A LOT of the "cover" version very soon!

Just a historical was this week in 1969 that "Quentin's Theme" (written by Robert Cobert and performed by the Charles Randolph Grean Sounde) debuted at #85 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart (the chart was for the week ending June 14, 1969). The song would eventually peak at #13, on the chart dated August 2, 1969. The single was released on the Ranwood label (#840) and the B-side was titled "#1 At The Blue Whale".

Dave Dykema said...

No offense to Nancy Barrett, but I preferred the original Pansy.

Happily, after finishing the 1897 story line recently, it didn't seem the "cover version" of the song was sung as often as I'd remembered/dreaded. lol