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Dark Shadows Episode 717 - 3/25/69

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Judith goes to the tower room, where she finds Jenny brandishing a pair of scissors. She tells Judith that she's her sister, and Judith asks her to give her the scissors. She asks Judith if he told her she was a singer. Judith says she always sang for them, and Jenny begins to sing.

Jenny says she remembers someone who hated her—and it was her. Judith denies it. Jenny says she was jealous of her, and she locked her into the room. Jenny asks why she's trapped in the room while Judith wanders freely about the house, sometimes wearing her green dress. Judith says it's not true and shows her a closet full of clothes.

Jenny comes at her with a knife until Beth calls her name. She tells her to listen, and Jenny says she hears it. Beth tells her they're crying, and to go to them now. Jenny goes to the cradle and begins to rock it. Judith sneaks out of the room. Jenny picks up two dolls and tells Beth she's a very good mother. Beth agrees with her. Jenny begins to sing to the dolls.

Judith finds Rachel about to go outside. Judith tells her that she should go to bed soon. Judith says that she thinks Rachel hears and sees things that don't really exist.

She leaves, and Beth comes downstairs. She says that Jenny put the babies down. Judith says that they're not babies, they're dolls. Beth says all Jenny fears is that she'll take her dolls away. Judith says she must go, and Rachel is beginning to suspect Jenny, and no one must.

Rachel arrives at the old house and knocks on the door. Barnabas answers, and she tells him that someone tried to kill her.

Rachel tells Barnabas the story, and says that Beth and Judith both lied to her and denied that it happened. He tells her that he believes her. He says the ladies seem to be hiding a great deal, and he intends to find out why. He tells her they must not know they're working together, and he adds that in Collinwood, no one is what they seem. She points out that it's true of everyone but him.

Beth asks Jenny she threatened Judith with scissors. Jenny says they all lied to her. Jenny pontificates on the color of lies. Beth says if she does it again, Judith will send Jenny away. Jenny says Judith is a nobody, and Beth clarifies that Judith gives the orders now. She says that Jenny has to be good and quiet, or she'll be sent away. Jenny asks if she'll let her take her babies, and Beth says that of course she will. Beth begs her to be good, and Jenny says she will. Jenny tells Beth that she knows what color a lie is—it's red like blood.

Barnabas and Rachel arrive at Collinwood and discuss her plans. She asks if he'll be there when she comes out, and he tells her he will. She kisses him on the cheek, and he sends her in to get the key to the tower room.

Rachel sneaks in after midnight, and Judith stops her as she makes her way up the stairs. Judith asks her about the children, and then invites her to have a glass of sherry. They share a toast.

Barnabas paces outside while he waits for Rachel to return with the keys to the tower room. He looks up and notices the light going on in the room.

Judith pours herself one more glass and says she'll be going up to her grandmother's room, and then corrects herself to say her room. Rachel tries to excuse herself, but Judith stops her and asks her if Nora and Jamison can sing. As Rachel starts to elaborate, Beth walks in. Judith interrupts Rachel and suggests they finish their discussion in the morning. Rachel leaves them in the drawing room.

Barnabas sees the light go out in the tower room. He considers that he could break in, but decides it best that he wait for Rachel. She comes out and gives him the key. He tells her to go to her room and stay there, no matter what happens.

At 3am, Barnabas sneaks into the house.

Judith paces outside the tower room. Beth exits and locks the door. Judith asks if it's all finished, with no slip-ups, and Beth confirms it. After they leave, Barnabas unlocks the door and searches the tower room. He finds no one inside; only a damaged doll head in an empty cabinet. Behind him, he hears the door opening. He turns to see who enters...

Our thoughts

John: Rachel tells Barnabas that she hid the key to the tower room in her bedroom. The last time we saw them, Jenny tossed the keys from the top of the stairs after locking Rachel in the tower room!

Christine: I guess we are supposed to think she went and retrieved the key after regaining consciousness, even though Judith would have certainly hidden any keys after finding out she'd snuck into the room. What was the point when Barnabas said he didn't need a key to get in anyway? It was odd for Barnabas to stop and remark on how lovely Rachel's hand is, and then wonder who would want to harm her, when he knows the answer to that very well.

John: I'm beginning to think that Eve/Jenny's trademark is her crazy hair.

Christine: The medusa ringlets on her forehead certainly add to the intensity of her crazed expressions.

John: Hmmm. If not the tower room, where has Judith moved Jenny to? I can't imagine Edward will be happy to find out that she's lurking around Collinwood.

Christine: Well, there are forty rooms at Collinwood, so she could be anywhere, and as long as Edward doesn't run in to her, he probably doesn't care too much. Can't wait to see who followed Barnabas into the Tower room.

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