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Dark Shadows Episode 712 - 3/18/69

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Rachel asks what happened after Josette died, and Barnabas says his ancestor was convinced he would find her again. He asks her to play the music in the music box again.

Angelique pulls yarn tightly around a dolls neck.

Rachel begins to choke. Barnabas asks her what's wrong, and she collapses.

Angelique whispers to the doll.

Rachel says, "Widows' Hill," and "Please don't let it happen again." Barnabas realizes she might be the reincarnation of Josette. Rachel says she can't breathe.

Angelique continues to torture the doll, and says that Barnabas may love anyone he wants, but none shall have a chance to love him. She is interrupted by Dirk, asking who she is and what she's doing.

Barnabas helps Rachel up.

Dirk tells Angelique that she's trespassing. She tells him that some part of the family knows she's there. He asks who, as he's responsible to keep strangers off the estate. She says that Quentin asked her to meet him there. Dirk says that he should have known—no other member of the family would have met her there. He adds that Quentin ruins everything that he touches. She asks if he should be saying these things in front of her, as she might tell him. He says that nothing would please him more. Dirk tells her that she seems nice, and she should take his advice and leave. She tells Dirk that if they see each other again, she expects they will be good friends.

Rachel takes a drink, and Barnabas asks her what happened. He asks what she meant when she mentioned Widows' Hill. She asks what that is. Barnabas explains that it's nearby, overlooking the ocean. She claims she never heard of it before, and asks what else she said. He says that's all she said. She says she thought she was dying, and then was suddenly alright. She says she's frightened, and hugs Barnabas. He stares at her exposed neck.

Edward enters and asks what's going on. Barnabas explains what happened and Edward suggests that she see a doctor. He asks if there's a reason she would rather not see a doctor, and she says no. He asks if she's unhappy with her work, and Barnabas interjects that she was just mentioning how fond she was of the children.

Angelique plays with her voodoo doll, saying she's not finished with it yet. She calls out to Rachel, saying she will leave Collinwood and come to the cottage.

Rachel asks Edward to excuse her, as she goes to the terrace for some fresh air. Barnabas asks to join her, and she says no. She leaves, and Edward sees the music box. Barnabas says he brought it to her as a gift. He explains that he might have frightened her when he shared the legend of the music box.

Rachel leaves Collinwood and follows Angelique's direction.

Edward says the legend sounds unlikely to cause someone to faint. Barnabas asks about her background. He says he investigated her, and everything seemed fine. Barnabas asks about her childhood, and Edward says he doubt that has anything to do with her fainting.

Barnabas then asks if his wife is deceased, since he's met everyone but his wife and daughter. Edward says there are subjects he does not wish to discuss. He says is wife is not dead. She is away, and she will stay away. Barnabas promises not to bring her up again.

Rachel arrives at the cottage, and finds Angelique, who calls her Josette and tells her that she's been waiting for her. Rachel reaffirms her name, and Angelique says she will be Josette when she wishes her to be. Angelique explains that she will do as she commands, and when she returns to Collinwood, she won't remember anything.

Edward introduces Barnabas to Dirk, who has come to speak to him about something he found while making his rounds. He says that he found a young lady in the cottage. He asks who she is, and Dirk says that she wouldn't say, but she said she was there to meet Quentin. Dirk describes the woman as pretty, with long blonde hair. He describes her large blue eyes, which catches Barnabas' attention. Barnabas excuses himself as they discuss Quentin's indiscretions. Edward says if he sees her again, he is to send her away, and he will talk to Quentin about meeting his women off the estate.

Barnabas visits the cottage, which is empty. He hears a rooster and sees the sun will be rising. He rushes off.

Barnabas makes his way to his coffin in the basement of the old house, and is shocked to find Rachel lying within it.

Our thoughts

John: Dirk, like all of his brothers throughout time, is a great judge of character. Only a nice woman like Angelique the witch would make plans to meet Quentin. Again, I wish Angelique showed an awareness of the versions of the characters that she's met in the past and future.

Christine: She seems to be singularly focused on making sure Barnabas is loveless and miserable which leaves little room for her to consider anyone else.

John: I love how when Barnabas hears the rooster, he goes to the door and his face is bathed in sunlight. That would have made for a very amusing 'ooops' ending to Barnabas' story.

Christine: You'd think that might have burned just a little.

John: It was a nice trick of Angelique's to send Rachel to sleep in Barnabas' coffin, but isn't that like the ultimate setup for a vampire who's in love with her?

Christine: It might be if he weren't a remorseful vampire who is probably reluctant to put the bite on her. The problem for him now is that he cannot take his rest while she occupies his coffin, and awakening her may cause her to run and tell his secret to Edward. I wonder how he's going to handle it. It should certainly help to confirm his suspicion that the blue eyed occupant in the cottage is his ever loving wife.

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