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Dark Shadows Episode 513 - 6/13/68

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Cassandra meanders through the garden, calling for Tony to come to her.

In his office, Tony hears Cassandra calling and tries to ignore her.

He gets up, in a trance, and opens the door to leave his office. Professor Stokes is outside the door, and asks if he's going somewhere. He says he arrived with no time to spare, and is glad Tony called him to come. Tony says Stokes promised he was going to get rid of Cassandra. Stokes admits that something has gone wrong. He says the brick wall that broke open in the basement of the old house in Collinwood was bricked back up. He asks Tony if he's sure Cassandra believed he was dead. Stokes tells him that Cassandra needs Tony to help her reactivate the dream curse, by getting Sam Evans to have the dream. Stokes tells Tony to stay put, and that he's going to see Sam Evans. As he's leaving, he tells Tony that Cassandra can't hurt him—she can only use him.

Joe tells Maggie that there was no answer at the old house when he went looking for Barnabas. She asks for more information about Adam when there's a knock at the door. Professor Stokes asks to speak to Sam, and Maggie says he's in town at The Blue Whale with a friend. She invites him to wait. Stokes tells Maggie that her father might have the same dream that she had. There's another knock at the door, and it's Cassandra. She brought something for her father. Maggie invites her in, and she's surprised to see Professor Stokes.

She asks how he's been, and he tells her he's alive and kicking. Maggie introduces her to Joe. She takes the gift Cassandra left for her father, and says she'll give it to him as soon as he arrives. Cassandra explains she has to get back to Collinwood, and Stokes asks her to give Vicki a message—that he's no longer interested in buying the portrait she had. He found out it's a copy, and he's found the original. After she's gone, Stokes picked up the package and pockets it. Stokes suggests he's going to see if he can find Sam at The Blue Whale. After he's gone, Maggie notices that Cassandra's gift is gone.

Cassandra is in the garden when Tony arrives to see her. She tells him she had something important for him to do, but she decided to do it himself because he resisted her. She tells him he lied to her about Stokes being alive. She says Stokes has upset her plans. She tells him he's going to learn how powerful she is. Tony says Stokes tricked him. She describes Stokes as a fool who couldn't trick a 10 year-old. Tony realizes she's afraid of Stokes. She tells him to look into her eyes. She tells Tony that he's going to fall in love with her once they kiss, and he points out Mrs. Stoddard watching them from the window. Cassandra turns to see her, and Tony is able to get away.

Stokes is waiting at Tony's office when he returns. He explains he couldn't resist her. Tony asks how Stokes is able to resist her. Stokes says he was at the Evans's cottage when she arrived to drop off tobacco for Sam. He says it was drugged to help him sleep. He offers it to Tony, suggesting it's a fine Turkish blend that might help him dream.

Liz asks Cassandra to explain herself. Liz says she's going to speak to Roger as soon as she sees him. Cassandra says he won't believe her, and then tells Liz to look at her. Cassandra insults her, saying her life has been empty and uneventful. She says that death, in all of its forms and manifestations, will occupy Liz' mind.

Our thoughts

John: If the brick wall in the basement of the old house is back up, and Barnabas remains missing, wouldn't someone consider that he might be walled in behind it?

Christine: I don't know why anyone would suspect that he would be walled in, with the exception of Julia, who has demonstrated in the past that she can become very thick headed and confused when faced with a clear cut mystery for her to solve. It is rather rude that they've left us hanging with no hint of his fate today.

John: So much for Professor Stokes keeping his being alive a secret! But it was probably worth his being discovered, just to see the look on Cassandra's face.

Christine: That was a great moment. I also enjoyed when Peterson avoids the witch's kiss by saying, "The woman in the window, it's...Mrs. Stoddard!" which is surely a nod to the 1944 movie that Joan Bennett starred in with Edward G. Robinson.

John: I wonder if Cassandra's plan is going to work on Liz. Isn't she already somewhat fixated on death?

Christine: I think that's why her plan will work all too well. Remember the last time she was obsessed with death?

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