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Dark Shadows Episode 508 - 6/5/68

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Stokes tells Julia how impressed he is with his ability to insert himself into the dream curse. Julia asks why he thinks he'll see the witch when he has the dream. He says she'll appear because he's broken all the rules of her dream curse. She tells him that he makes it sound so simple. He leans back in his chair, and immediately begins to dream.

He hears a knock at the door. He gets up and asks who's there. The knocking continues. A voice says, "you do not know me." He opens the door, and hears a woman laugh. Sam Evans leads him, but unlike the other beckoners, he speaks to him. When they approach the door, Sam tells him not to enter, or he will not come out alive.

Stokes recites the incantation, and enters the room of his own free will. He goes inside and closes the door behind him, telling Sam that he'll have to lock it himself. In the room of doors, Stokes calls out saying he is quite comfortable waiting for her to show herself. A door swings open, and Angelique steps through it.

She says his asking for her will be the last thing he does. She calls him Ben Stokes, and he clarifies that unlike Ben, she has no control over him. She tells him to open a door, and he refuses. He tells her that he is secure in his century. She tells him that Barnabas is getting what he deserves. She asks why he is interfering if he doesn't know what Barnabas is. She tells him to look at her, and he tells her she's beautiful, but he doesn't trust her eyes.

She tells him to give her his hand. She puts the mark in his hand, and tells him he will go through the doors or be trapped for all eternity. Stokes asks her where Cassandra Collins is, and Angelique says she doesn't know who he's referring to. He says she is Cassandra. She tells him he can't speak, and that he will die. Stokes is not a victim of her threats, and tells her she has used him enough. Angelique disappears, and a door opens on its own. Angelique's voice tells him he will never win.

Stokes wakes up, and Julia asks if he was successful. He asks for a sherry, and tells her the curse has been stopped. He says she was right, that his former student, Cassandra, is the witch. She asks how he knew she suspected her. He says she knows more than she's told him. Stokes proudly brags of his accomplishment. When there's a knock at the door, he answers it to see Sam Evans and Joe. Sam asks to come in, saying he has to see him.

He says Stokes sent for him. Stokes asks him to sit down and explain. Sam says he was sitting at home and suddenly heard Stokes' name. He also says he wasn't sure why they were coming to the old house. He says he knows Stokes has something to tell him. Stokes tells him that he had just woken from a dream before they arrived, and Sam was in the dream. Sam asks about it, and Stokes refuses to tell him about it. Sam asks for an explanation, and Stokes tells him to go home and forget he ever came.

Sam and Joe are back at the Evans' place. Joe agrees that something is going on that no one understands. He mentions that Maggie had a dream that really upset her about a week ago. Joe offers to help Sam in, but Sam says he doesn't need that. Joe mentions that the man who jumped off Widows' Hill is still missing, and Sam tells him he can handle himself just fine, and anyone who jumped off Widows' Hill would be dead.

Joe leaves and Sam enters the house. A door closes, and he calls to Maggie. He feels a draft, and finds an open window that he was sure Joe had closed. He shouts out, asking who's there. He stumbles around the room, and checks the bedroom, but there's no sign of Maggie. He turns around and in front of him is a bloody Adam with a butcher knife poised to strike.

Our thoughts

John: Sam with blind-man glasses and a cane reminded me of Mr. Magoo. And it's even funnier when he shows up and tells Stokes that he has to SEE him.

Christine: Stokes goes up against Angelique and prevails! But has he truly ended the dream curse?

John: When Sam and Joe show up at the old house in their matching trenchcoats, they look like wanna-be federal agents.

Christine: Too bad Tony Peterson wasn't on board today to join the trenchcoat club.

John: I guess it was only fitting that once Sam Evans went blind, he would be able to fulfill that important part of Mary Shelley's story. So I'm not too worried that Adam is going to go full Norman Bates on him with that butcher knife.

Christine: Adam looks pretty angry. Not sure why he's taking it out on Sam when it's the rocks below Widows' Hill he should be mad at. He certainly looks a lot better than Josette did after taking a dive off Widows' Hill.

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