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Dark Shadows Episode 514 - 6/14/68

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Maggie combs her hair while Joe waits patiently. Joe says he can go check for Sam at The Blue Whale, and Maggie says he may be meeting with Professor Stokes. Joe doesn't trust Stokes, who he assumes stole the gift Cassandra had left for Sam.

After Joe leaves, Maggie puts on the mystery earrings, and we hear the sound of Josette's music box in the background. She also leaves, and we see Adam outside the window, looking in on the Evans' cottage.

Willie sweeps up the basement, just outside the wall behind which Barnabas is trapped.

Maggie arrives at the old house and lets herself in.

Willie hears the front door close upstairs, and goes to investigate. There's a knocking behind the brick wall.

Willie is surprised to find Maggie upstairs, who doesn't know why she's there. She hears a knocking, and Willie tells her it's probably just a mouse. Willie tells her he's happy to see her, and invites her to sit down. He tells her he's been thinking about her, and reminds her that when she was last there they talked about spending time together.

He asks her a favor, that the next time she comes she doesn't wear the earrings. She takes them off, and realizes she should be home when Joe and Sam get back. She says she doesn't know what came over her. Willie says he doesn't mind her wearing the earrings—just not around the old house. She bids him goodnight and rushes out the door. Willie hears the knocking downstairs.

Liz is on the phone with the sheriff, hearing stories that would indicate Adam may have survived his jump off of Widow's Hill. She hangs up and leaves the house.

Willie returns to the cellar and gets his jacket. Upstairs, he hears someone calling for Barnabas. He recognizes it as Mrs. Stoddard, who makes her way to the basement. She asks where Barnabas is, and Willie says he doesn't know. She tells him that police are hearing reports of vandalism by someone matching Adam's description. Willie can't believe it. Liz says death may not be as swift as some would like it to be. She says that 'she' told her she would be preoccupied with death.

Willie wonders what's wrong with her. She hears a noise behind the brick wall. Willie says it can't be, and she says that it's as if someone is buried alive. Distraught, she runs upstairs. Willie listens at the wall, and doesn't hear anything. He leaves, and the knocking continues.

Joe returns without Sam. He says he won't leave The Blue Whale. Maggie asks if he's drinking again, and Joe says that Sam wanted him to help set up a search party to look for Adam, as he's a friend in need to help. Maggie says that with his condition, they have to give him time. She suggests Joe go back to The Blue Whale to try again.

Joe leaves the cottage and runs into Willie. He reminds him what he said he'd do if Willie ever approached Maggie again. Willie says that she likes him now, and has even come out to the old house to see him a few times. Joe tells him to leave, and Willie asks if he's jealous. Joe knocks Willie out with a few punches, and then returns to the cottage.

Maggie is surprised to see Joe so soon. He tells her he ran into Willie Loomis outside. She asks what he wanted, and Joe says he told him to ask her. Joe asks her if she went out to the old house to see him, and she reluctantly admits that she had. Joe says Willie tried to kill her, and she says he came to warn her she was in danger. Joe asks what possessed her to go to the old house, and she doesn't know why. She does say it wasn't to see Willie. Joe continues to interrogate her, and she can't explain her behavior. He gives her an ultimatum, demanding that she explain her behavior by tomorrow, and storms out.

Willie stumbles in, and she helps him to a chair. She then sees Adam standing in the doorway. He tells her, "Willie bad!," and leads her away from him. She looks up at his scarred face and screams.

Our thoughts

John: Willie dropped into full creepy mode today. Surprising that he doesn't realize his only chance with spending time with Maggie is when she's wearing the earrings that draw her to the old house.

Christine: What was Adam doing lurking outside the Evans' cottage when he should have been responding to Barnabas' psychic cries for help? How much time has passed anyway? His face appears to be completely healed already.

John: Poor Barnabas is kicking the brick wall. If he had only gone to the trouble of calling for help.

Christine: He may be running out of air, which might keep him from calling out, though he could have at least tried kicking a little more insistently when he heard voices.

John: Will Sam arrive in time to convince Maggie that Adam is a good guy? Or will 'Bad Willie' come to her rescue against Dr. Lang's monster?

Christine: I'd expect Bad Willie to run out the door and leave her to him before Sam gets there. Joe seems to be channeling his inner Nathan Forbes the way he was manhandling Maggie today. Perhaps he's not the guy for her, after all.

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