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Dark Shadows Episode 518 - 6/20/68

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Sam asks Maggie what's taking Vicki so long. She tries to comfort him when Vicki arrives. Sam says he has to tell her about the dream before he dies. Vicki says he's not going to die. She asks him to tell her his dream.

He says it began with a knock at the door. At that moment, there's a knock at the door. Professor Stokes enters and tells Vicki that she must leave at once. He leads her outside, and Stokes tells Maggie he must talk to Sam first.

After Vicki is outside, he tells Maggie to trust him. Sam asks why he took Vicki. Stokes says he'll be sending Vicki home. He says it will be dangerous if the dream goes one step further. If Vicki has the dream, it will prove fatal to the next one to have it. Stokes says he'll attempt to alleviate the mental torture Sam is going through. Stokes sees Adam outside the hospital window.

Stokes asks Maggie about Sam's accident. She says he fell. He asks if Adam was responsible. She says it was an accident. Stokes points out that Sam felt a strong bond with Adam. Maggie asks what it has to do with the dream. He goes out to talk to Vicki.

Vicki is in the hall when Stokes and Maggie come out. She asks for an explanation. He says she should be grateful he arrived when he did. It would have led to a most terrifying experience. He says Sam is suffering from a dream curse, and she would be the next to have it. He says that witchcraft is at work, and Maggie says she doesn't believe in witches. He asks her how nine people had an identical dream. He says he's doing his best to cope with it. He asks Vicki to leave, and she says if Sam needs her, she'll be there. Stokes explains she cannot ease Sam's suffering, and asks her to promise not to go in.

Adam enters Sam's room through the window. He approaches Sam and calls him friend. Sam hears him, and says only Vicki can help him. Adam says, "No!"

Vicki hears Sam calling to her. She approaches the door to his room and enters. Adam is not there. She closes the window. Maggie enters and asks if something happened. Sam says there's strange music everywhere. Maggie realizes he's telling her about the dream. She tells Vicki she doesn't have to stay, and she says if it will bring him comfort, she'll stay. He says the dream began with a knock at the door. He says he opened it and saw... and then dies.

Stokes arrives at the Evans' cottage.

Vicki tries to comfort Maggie.

Stokes calls to Adam. He says he is a friend. He then turns on a light in the window.

Vicki brings Maggie a sedative. She asks her to come back to Collinwood with her. She says she shouldn't be alone at the cottage right now. She agrees, if Vicki thinks it will be alright with Mrs. Stoddard. Maggie says someone needs to find Adam before he hurts someone else. She says it's ironic that he dad tried to help Adam, not realizing how dangerous he was, and now he's dead because of him.

Adam returns to the Evans cottage and goes inside. Stokes surprises him, and before Adam can run away, he says he is a friend. He says he wants to see him more closely, and reaches for his face. Adam knocks his hands away, and something of Stokes' falls to the ground.

Stokes says he can help Adam, and give him food. Adam tells Stokes that his name is Adam. He then picks up one of Sam's brushes, and says it's a paintbrush. Stokes asks Adam to come with him to his home, where he will give him food, and teach him how to speak. They leave together.

Our thoughts

John: When Stokes saw Adam in the window, I thought for sure that he'd get Sam to tell Adam the dream, ending the curse just as Dr. Lang was able to do with Barnabas' vampire curse.

Christine: Interesting prospect. I was thinking Cassandra might somehow be keeping Sam alive until he could tell Vicki the dream, but he didn't really get to finish telling it to her.

John: Could it be true? Is Sam Evans truly dead? So much for my theory about transferring the dream curse to Adam...

Christine: Yes, the character we met in Episode 5 and have gotten to know over the past two years is quite dead. It looks like there will be no more additions to the Works of Sam Evans gallery unless old paintings are newly discovered in the future. Maybe Portia Fitzsimmons will come back and make Maggie an offer on his paintings.

John: I love when Stokes interrupts Adam trying to say communicate. Great lesson in communication, there, Professor.

Christine: I think he just wanted to sneak him out of there before he was discovered, though since there was an obvious zoom on the pin or tie clip or whatever it was he dropped, we can be assured that his presence at the cottage will be noted by someone.

In Memoriam: Sam Evans

Dark Shadows Before I Die Round Robin Nightmare tracker (bold appearing in this episode):
  1. Wide-eyed skull
  2. Guillotine
  3. Lang's Headless creation
  4. Skeletal bride 
  5. Educational Bat-footage
  6. Giant spider-web 
  7. Mounted wolf's head 
  8. Carolyn's tombstone 
  9. Maggie with Sam's coffin

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