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Dark Shadows Episode 505 - 5/31/68

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Adam wanders through the woods, with the sheriff and deputies in pursuit. The sheriff points out that they're near the old Collins house, which he describes as where all points seem to lead when there's trouble around Collinsport.

In the old house, Barnabas worries about Adam. He hears the sheriff outside.

The sheriff tells his men to surround the building while he knocks on the door.

Barnabas answers and invites the sheriff in. The sheriff asks Barnabas what he's been doing. Barnabas says he's been home after they captured the man who had abducted Carolyn. The sheriff asks why he didn't rejoin the search party searching for Carolyn. Barnabas says he assumed that since they caught the man, they would have found where he was holding Carolyn. The sheriff tells him that the man escaped, and is interested in Barnabas' reaction to the news. He says he ripped the chain out of the wall, mauled one of his deputies, and bent the bars in his cell. Barnabas asks why he's here. The sheriff says this is where they found him originally. They have reason to believe he was headed in this direction. He asks Barnabas if he did. Barnabas explains that if he had, he would have told him. The sheriff pokes around, and asks how much he knows about him.

Barnabas explains that he only saw him once, when Roger shot him. The sheriff then asks about Willie. He says he spoke to him earlier and didn't believe anything he said. He felt he was concealing something. Barnabas assures him he has nothing to conceal. The sheriff says that Willie blurted out the man's name when she questioned him yesterday. Barnabas says that's news to him. The sheriff adds that when she originally saw him in the woods, the man spoke his name. Barnabas says he doesn't know why, and asks if they should be out looking for the man. The sheriff says they're going to keep talking, until they understand why Willie knew the man's name, and why he knew Barnabas' name.

Adam wanders through the woods.

Carolyn gives up struggling at the door. She realizes that she'll die unless she finds some other way out. Without much effort, she decides there is no other way. She hears chains outside.

Adam approaches the cellar and removes the rock blocking the door. He enters and looks for Carolyn, she tries to sneak past him, but he grabs her. She begs for him to let her go. She says he's hurting her, and he says, "hurting."

She pleads with him to let her go home, and he says, "home." She yells at him to stop repeating what she says, and he drags her back inside. She tells him the police will find them, and arrest him and take him to jail. He tries to comfort her, but she continues to cry. He hugs her and cries, too. They hear dogs outside. He takes her hand and leads her out. She screams and he covers her mouth. He then picks her up and carries her away.

The deputies hear a scream, and run after it.

The sheriff continues to interrogate Barnabas. He says that Barnabas and Roger say the man was shot in the shoulder, but it took six of his deputies to subdue him. He said he obviously had someone treat his wound, and all of the practicing doctors were questioned, and none helped him. He says the only doctor they haven't spoken to is Julia Hoffman. He says he's not going to let up on Barnabas until he tells him what he knows.

He points out that his own family is at stake, and Barnabas tells him he's sure Carolyn will be fine. The sheriff asks how he knows this, and Barnabas says it's because of something Willie said. He explains that the man did come to the house several days ago, looking for food. He says Willie felt sorry for him, and fed him. He said that the man didn't say anything, and Willie mentioned his own name several times, which explained why Adam said it later. He says Willie says that he was gentle. The sheriff asks why he didn't provide the information sooner, and Barnabas explains he thought he'd make more of it.

A deputy knocks at the door, and says they've spotted the man with the girl. They had been hiding in someone's root cellar, and they're headed towards Widow's Hill. The sheriff tells him to surround the area. He then asks Barnabas to join him. Barnabas asks if he has enough men, and the sheriff tells him he wants him to be there to see if he's recognized when they catch the man.

Adam carries Carolyn to Widow's Hill. He looks down over the cliff at the water below.

The sheriff and his men approach.

Carolyn tells Adam that there's no escape, and asks him to put her down. He does, and she slips on the rocks. She hangs on the cliff's edge and asks him to save her. He grabs her arms. The sheriff's men approach and Barnabas warns them no to do anything or she'll fall. Adam lifts her up, and once she's safe, strokes her hair.

She runs to Barnabas and tells them not to shoot him, as he saved her life. Adam looks at the men pointing guns at him, and turns and jumps off the cliff. Carolyn cries as Barnabas carries her away, followed by the deputies.

As we see water crashing on the rocks, we hear Lang's words about Barnabas not reverting to the curse as long as Adam lives, and noting that if Adam dies, Barnabas will be as he was before.

Our thoughts

John: Wow. The sheriff has suddenly got a lot of nerve, going up against a member of the Collins clan. I wonder if this is going to come back to haunt him, or if he's safe, questioning Barnabas with Liz' blessing. And it's a little late for Barnabas to try and explain Adam, after so many denials.

Christine: He was overstepping his bounds to go peering into another room without Barnabas' permission.

John: So I guess the sheriff is prone to hyperbole. Subduing Adam only took six deputies, not the twenty mentioned previously.

Christine: That seemed like a lot.

John: Wow! Can this be the end of Adam? I guess we'll find out soon enough if Barnabas starts to revert to his old ways, but I have a hunch that a little tumble onto the rocks below Widow's Hill won't be as damaging to Adam as it was Bill Malloy or the widows.

Christine: I'm pretty sure that Addison Powell re-recorded his final words, though I can't imagine why. We've listened to that piece of dialogue often enough to hear the difference.

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