Monday, July 3, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 266 - 7/3/67

Liz has a nightmare in which she hears the Widows calling to her. She leaps from the cliff and three female ghosts materialize. We then see her back in bed, tossing and turning.

Vicki enters Liz' bedroom to find her in her nightgown, brushing her hair in a kind of trance. Vicki points out that it's one o'clock, and asks Liz if she's all right. Liz is rather sedate as Vicki continues to speak to her. She tells Liz that she overheard Carolyn talking on the phone with Buzz about getting a marriage license. Liz tells her she's not worried. Vicki is confused. As she's leaving, she asks Liz if she's sure she's all right, and Liz tells her she's fine

Liz comes downstairs and Jason finds her in the foyer. He asks her to join him in the drawing room and she reluctantly agrees. He tells her that he thinks their wedding should be held in the house. She agrees without argument. He says they should have a large reception, inviting men from the cannery and their wives. Jason is surprised that Liz is so ambivalent. He goes on to describe champagne and caviar, flowers, and new clothes for him. She tells him to do whatever he wants, and asks if she can go for her walk. He begins to suspect that she may think there's a way out, and she tells him she knows there's only one way out.

Liz stands on the cliff when Mrs. Johnson comes across her. She explains that it's 7pm, and she was worried about her. She tells Liz that Jason told her he wants a large wedding reception, and she asks if that's what she wants. Liz tells her they'll do whatever Jason wants. Mrs. Johnson points out that she finds the cliff creepy. Liz tells her the history of the Widows who jumped off the cliff. Mrs. Johnson asks about the legend saying the Widows are awaiting a fourth to join them. Liz falls forward and Mrs. Johnson catches her before she goes over the cliff.

Back in the house, Mrs. Johnson asks Liz if she's all right. Jason comes downstairs and asks where she's been. She starts upstairs and he stops her, leading her into the drawing room. They find Vicki who starts to excuse herself, but Jason says there's no need for her to leave. He gives Liz a brooch that belonged to his mother. After he pins it on her, she goes upstairs to rest. Jason tells Vicki that Liz was touched by his gift, and leaves her in the drawing room. Mrs. Johnson enters and tells Vicki where she found Liz—atop Widow's Hill. She explains how Liz fainted as they talked about the legend of the Widows.

In her bedroom, Liz hears the Widows calling her name. She goes to the window and sees the three ghostly women materialize. She says that the sea is her grave, and her grave is the sea.

Our thoughts

John: Liz realizes there's one way out, and it's over the cliff at Widow's Hill!

Christine: It's unusual behavior for the typically indomitable head of the Collins' household to contemplate throwing herself off a cliff. Why are the Widows encouraging Liz to join them? They should be working on Jason. Last time we saw them, they were ganging up on Matthew Morgan at the behest of Bill Malloy's ghost in Episode 126

The ghost of Bill Malloy and his gang of four widows scare the bejeezus out of caretaker, Matthew Morgan.

John: Welcome back Mrs. Johnson. It's been quite a while since we last saw you snooping around Collinwood.

Christine: She hasn't been around since the day Barnabas arrived at Collinwood. I was beginning to worry about her. Good thing she showed up to save Liz today. I'm surprised she didn't mention Bill Malloy's body being found on the rocks below Widows' Hill during her conversation with Liz.

John: Is it just me, or are the ghostly Widows a little too 'late 60s catalog models' as opposed to ghostly spirits of women who leaped to their deaths?

Christine: What do you want―smashed skulls and bloody, broken limbs? That would be cool, but it is daytime TV after all. Look for one of the widows to be a customer in tomorrow's episode.

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  1. If I was Vicki, I would toss Liz off the cliff just for answering every question with a question! Seriously, how many times do they do it just in that one scene alone?