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Dark Shadows Episode 521 - 6/25/68

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Roger and Barnabas are in the foyer talking about Liz' condition. Barnabas says that she can't be Naomi Collins. Roger says that Naomi Collins didn't die of poisoning, and Barnabas says that she did. Roger tells him that he's read the family history and she died a peaceful death. Roger wonders what it will be like if she dies. He asks how Barnabas knew to check the tower room for her, and he says it was just luck. Roger points out that there's a legend that someone was locked up in there, but he couldn't find any information on who it was or why.

In the drawing room, Roger says that Cassandra might know why Liz did what she did, and Barnabas agrees. Julia comes in and says that Liz will be alright, physically. She adds that she will need treatment, and Roger takes offense at her implication that she is mentally ill. He decides to go see her himself. He goes upstairs, and Julia ponders if Cassandra is still alive, why would Trask's skeleton reappear. They realize that Professor Stokes may have information, and call him.

The phone rings at Stokes house and Adam picks it up. He hears, but does not speak, even though he recognizes Barnabas' voice.

Julia thinks something has happened to Stokes. Barnabas hangs up the phone.

Adam hangs up the receiver, and sits down at a table to continue writing. Stokes enters and says good evening, and Adam responds in kind. They work through flash cards, having Adam read the words on them. One of the words is telephone, which upsets Adam. Stokes proceed through more cards.

Barnabas suggests they should call the police, and Julia suggests they go to see Stokes instead.

The next word is dictionary, and Stokes asks Adam to find it. He gets the dictionary and recites the letters of the alphabet. Someone rings the bell, and Barnabas announces himself. Adam breaks a pencil when he hears Barnabas. Stokes tells Adam to go to the bedroom. Stokes says he'll be there in a moment, and Barnabas asks if he's alright. Stokes leads Adam to the bedroom, and then goes to the front door, letting Barnabas and Julia in.

She says they telephoned, and Stokes says he was out visiting a dignitary. Barnabas says someone answered, and he points out the phone is off the hook. Stokes blames his cleaning woman, and thanks them for their concern. He invites them to join him for a sherry. Julia tells Stokes that Cassandra has disappeared, and Trask's skeleton has returned to the basement of the old house. Barnabas adds that Liz believes she is Naomi Collins, and he thinks Cassandra is responsible. He wants to know if Cassandra is truly gone. Stokes offers them cheese, and Julia suggests another seance. Stokes says no, and asks what happened to the portrait of Angelique. They walk through what happened to it, and the last known location was when Sam painted her to look old, after which Cassandra took it. They think it could be in her bedroom.

Back at the old house, Barnabas tells Julia to distract Roger. Barnabas says he wants to go see Liz, and Roger offers to go with him. Julia suggests that Roger play a game of chess with her. He doesn't want to, and excuses himself to go to bed, but she pressures him to stay and talk with her.

Barnabas looks around Cassandra's bedroom looking for the portrait. He's disappointed she didn't hang it, and proceeds to check the closet.

Roger admits that Cassandra wasn't happy in Collinwood. He says he's been selfish, knowing it's hard for someone new to fit in. Barnabas returns, shaking his head. Roger then mentions the portrait that Vicki bought, and pulls it out, saying he found it in a locked closet. He points out how it has become faded, and says he plans to bring it into town to be restored. There's a knock at the door, and Roger wonders who would be calling so late. Barnabas goes to answer it.

The man at the door introduces himself as Nicholas Blair, Cassandra's brother.

Our thoughts

John: Yes, Roger, Cassandra could tell you exactly why Liz is behaving the way she is. I was kind of hoping that the portrait would turn up on the wall in Liz' bedroom!

Christine: It still bugs me that we don't know how Sam's modifications to the painting, as well as the corresponding effects, were reversed.

John: What kind of teacher would tell their student that the letter L was not important. Shame on you, Professor Stokes! And then telling Adam that he was perfect? Clearly whatever his plans are, they are going to be self-serving.

Christine: It does make me wonder why Stokes dislikes letter L. There were a few of the usual bloopers in today's episode, though I couldn't understand why someone would open the door after Barnabas closed it upon their arrival at Collinwood. It was especially funny that it happened right after Roger said, "I find myself thinking every time the door opens...I'm thinking Cassandra will come in."

John: I can't wait to find out more about Nicholas Blair. Anyone claiming to be related to Cassandra has to be evil, right? Since as far as we know, there really is no Cassandra, just Angelique. I wonder if we'll find out in time that he's been lurking around for the past 200 years, too.

Christine: I love the dramatic music that plays after he announces he's her brother, as we see their shocked faces. For those following along at home with The Complete Dark Shadows Music Collection, that's Cue 240, "3 Notes, Repeated to Build." It certainly will be interesting to find out more about this impish fellow.

Dark Shadows Before I Die Round Robin Nightmare tracker (bold appearing in this episode):
  1. Wide-eyed skull
  2. Guillotine
  3. Lang's Headless creation
  4. Skeletal bride 
  5. Educational Bat-footage
  6. Giant spider-web 
  7. Mounted wolf's head 
  8. Carolyn's tombstone 
  9. Maggie with Sam's coffin

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Dave Dykema said...

They maybe opened that door to get a camera shot from that angle? Isn't there a shot of Nicholas's hand at the knocker soon after, so a camera would have been out there.