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Dark Shadows Episode 822 - 8/20/69

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Petofi thanks Tate for his work crafting the fake hand. Tate tells him that the gypsies will know that it's fake. Petofi sees him working on a painting of jewelry. He then looks at Tate's ideal woman portrait, and asks him who modeled for it. Tate tells him if he knew such a woman, he wouldn't let her go. Petofi asks him about the brooch he's painting, and he says he dreamed it. Petofi tells Tate that he's met a girl that Tate must see. Tate says that the only reason Petofi would introduce him to someone is out of some sort of favor for him. Tate ultimately agrees to meet Petofi at 6pm in order to see the woman.

Amanda tells Trask that she thought she saw a man on the street who was the man she ran away from. Trask massages her arm, and says that her newfound faith might not be strong enough.

He says she needs more personal attention, and tells her that she needs to move into Collinwood at once. She asks if that would seem proper. She asks if it would be misinterpreted. She asks if he's truly offering her help, or if she's offering her new temptations. She tells him she can't move into Collinwood. He offers to take her to a room where she can meditate about it. She tells him that he can't force her into it, and runs out.

Charity is in the foyer, but she tells him her name is Pansy Faye as she sings and dances for him. He tells her to come into the drawing room, and she implies that he can't get her into the room, as she knows his kind. He tells her to break through this possession. She continues to speak with an accent. She says that she can see the future, and asks if he wants to know how he'll die. Trask attempts to tell her that she is his daughter, but realizes the devil has attacked her just as he has the rest of the Collins family. She tells him he will die alone in a room, screaming for help, and no one will hear him. He dismisses her as blasphemous. He drags her to her room, telling her she'll stay until she recovers herself.

Amanda tells Tim that Trasks wants her to move into Collinwood. He says it's not a bad idea, and she might enjoy living there. She tells him not to try to get her to do that. Tim says they will get everything they want, after she becomes Trask's bride, and then widow. Tim assures her that her marriage wouldn't last long. She tells Tim he needs to go to the police. He says he can't, and they'll know he poisoned Mrs. Trask's tea. Amanda tells him that nothing has been as easy as he predicted. He reminds her that he offered her diamonds. She tells him jewelry can do a lot for a girl like her. She says she'll stay as long as she never has to live at Collinwood. He asks how many diamonds she wanted, and she tells him more than he'll ever be able to find.

Tim returns from Braithwaite's. Amanda asks what present he brought her. He gives her a brooch. She says it's beautiful, and kisses him.

Petofi and Tate arrive at the Collnwood Inn. Tate asks him what's going on. Petofi tells him to sit. Once he does, Petofi gets up to leave. Petofi tells Tate that the woman is coming downstairs, and tells Tate to come see him after he sees her.

While Tate watches, Amanda and Tim come downstairs. He sees that she's wearing a brooch like the one he painted.

Back in his cottage, Tate confirms that the brooch he painted looks just like the one Amanda was wearing. He stands in front of his portrait, which also appears to be of Amanda.

Our thoughts

John: What's with the awkward hand off of Tate's brooch painting to Petofi? And if Tate is in love with all of his paintings, does that mean he loves Quentin?

Christine: It was just another awkward Roger Davis moment, as he was in the process of forgetting his lines. I also wondered if Tate's assertion that he loves all his paintings meant he loved Quentin, and have come to the conclusion that he does. I will be looking for evidence of it in all future interactions between the two characters. Also, he loves brooch.

John: The cameramen were getting crazy with the zooms during Trask's latest Me-Too moment with Amanda. His best line, "I must do my duty, and you are my duty."

Christine: It was certainly none too subtle, which made it all the more enjoyable, and gave the distinct impression of Trask as a wolf drooling over his prey. Amanda should realize that Tim is a bad boyfriend to expect her to marry Trask as part of his revenge plan, since she takes all the risk and he gets all the benefit. He is as sleazy as Trask to use her like that.

John: So we finally see the portrait of Amanda that Tate's been working on without any reference. Sadly, it really should have been a portrait of Alexandre Moltke...

Christine: Seems like Tate has a bit of a Pygmalion complex going on. Also, a thing for green velour suits. Wowza! I love the look on Trask's face when Pans-ity was giving him the ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay. Are these actors having fun or what?

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