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Dark Shadows Episode 829 - 8/28/69

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Jamison tells Angelique that he is someone else, far away. Angelique says he must claim his true identity. He tries to say his name, but cries out and collapses. Angelique declares that she will not let Petofi take Jamison. She kneels at the fireplace and prays to the master of darkness for help with Jamison.

Edward, still possessed, remains locked in his room, when he hears someone outside singing. Outside, Charity, possessed by Pansy Faye, tries the door.

Edward asks who she is, and explains how he's been locked up. He assumes she was sent to give him false hope. She says she was not, and offers to help him get out of the locked room.

Jamison moans, and Angelique checks on him. He recognizes her. She sees that he's himself again, and asks what he remembers. He describes saying goodbye to a man—she realizes that it was Victor Fenn-Gibbon. Jamison describes a memory of a box that had a severed hand, and says he doesn't understand it.

Edward returns to normal, and pounds on the door, demanding to be released. Charity opens the door, still possessed. He asks her what she's doing dressed as she is. He says he thinks she's gone mad. She tells him that one of them has.

Quentin comes to Angelique, and she tells him Jamison is himself again. Jamison asks Quentin why he's trying to kill David Collins. Quentin asks if he knows who David is. Jamison says it's someone Quentin is trying to kill. Quentin says he's not trying to kill anyone. Edward comes in, and Quentin realizes that he's come out of his spell, too. Quentin explains that he and Jamison were possessed by Petofi, and proves that Edward has lost a month with no recollection.

Edward asks to be alone with Jamison. Neither has a memory of what happened. Edward promises him that nothing like it will happen again. He says they will either resume their normal lives, or leave Collinwood forever.

Quentin and Angelique meet in the drawing room. Charity eavesdrops on them from the hall. Angelique says that since Edward and Jamison are back to normal, it's time to seal their agreement. He reluctantly agrees. She says they are to be married within the month.

Charity is shocked, saying the two will never be married. She runs off and Edward comes in. He excuses Angelique, and asks Quentin why he wasn't possessed. Quentin tells Edward that Victor Fenn-Gibbon was actually Count Petofi, the one responsible for their possession. Edward says the two of them must put the house in order. He asks if Barnabas has been apprehended. Quentin says Petofi and Trask are the most important threats. Edward says Barnabas will come first, and pledges to drive a stake through his heart.

Charity comes in to see Quentin, telling him that he'll never marry Angelique because he doesn't love her. She says she's seen the way he's been looking at her. He assures Charity that he's going to marry Angelique. She's surprised. She tells him that she won't let him. She grabs a knife and attacks him.

Edward returns in time to help wrestle the knife away. Quentin explains her behavior is also Petofi's doing. Edward tells Quentin to leave her alone with him. Charity says they need to worry about the 10th of September. She describes a vision of the house. She hears Quentin's music, and sees Angelique arrive. Angelique finds the portrait of Quentin, with blood dripping from it.

The blood trails upstairs and through the house. Angelique follows it to the tower room, where she finds Quentin lying on the floor, dead with a wound matching the one in the painting. Charity screams that she's seen Quentin's death, and runs out of the room.

Our thoughts

John: Interesting date check in this episode—noting today's date as the 28th. A first for the series, I think. Considering how a week's worth of episodes can often take place in a single day or two, it's interesting to  hear the events of the last month be described as taking a month.

Christine: Perhaps the full moon will only happen once a month from now on.

John: I love how Quentin avoids spilling his drink while fending off Charity's attack with one hand. I was going to say good thing Edward showed up, but he fell down almost as soon as he got involved in the struggle, anyway.

Christine: Give Edward more credit than that! He didn't fall, he was bending down to retrieve the knife. He looked to where it fell and had it in his hands when he got up. He probably shouldn't have laid it on the table within her reach, however.

John: I wonder how many viewers believed that they would see Quentin's death come as predicted on September 10th. Should we start a countdown clock?

Christine: I'm not sure this whole synchronized time will hold up when it comes to Quentin's death, though I think we should start a countdown clock anyway, even if it means we end up counting the days past his death date if it doesn't come as expected. It will be interesting to see if Pans-ity has truly foreseen Quentin's death, or just the aftermath of an altercation between him and Tate, armed with his paints.

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