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Dark Shadows Episode 849 - 9/25/69

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Kitty goes to see Petofi. She says he thinks she's a fool he can play tricks on. She accuses him of sending Charity to see her. She says she was frightened when she found the music box that played the tune Charity hummed. She pulls out the music box and tells him to try his tricks on someone else. He picks up the music box and opens it. He tells her he's never seen it before. He says it is his style, and he hates to think who would imitate him.

He tells her she must have an admirer in Collinwood. She says an admirer would not send Charity to see her. He tells her that he hopes she will get the money she desires. They narrow down the suspects to Quentin. He says they will discuss whether he is attracted to her as they walk back to Collinwood. She opens the music box once again and sees flashes of Barnabas' portrait. Petofi says it means something to her. She agrees, but adds that she doesn't understand it.

Quentin tells Julia he loves Amanda, and asks if she can stay with her until they leave. He asks her again why she won't try to go back to her own time. She says she can't explain, but she must finish the work Barnabas started. He says if she has to deal with Petofi and Aristede, perhaps he should stay. She says she hasn't seen Aristede in some time, and she's developed a truce with Petofi. She encourages him to take Amanda and go. She says Petofi will not always be the threat he is now. She promises that she's not giving up.

Beth comes downstairs in Petofi's lair, and doesn't see someone hiding behind a door. Aristede come in and asks her what she's doing. He asks if Petofi replaced him, and tells her he's back for good.

Petofi brings Kitty to Collinwod, and leaves her at the door so no one will know they are acquainted.

Kitty finds Quentin in the drawing room. She ask if she owes him thanks, and shows him the music box and he asks where she got it. She says she was hoping he could tell her. She asks if he's seen it before and he says it can't be the same one. He says it belonged to a relative, and she asks if it was Barnabas Collins. He asks how she knows the name, and she says she wouldn't forget a vampire. He tells her that Barnabas is dead. She says she thinks she saw him the night she arrived. She can't believe he was a vampire. She asks if the music box was his, why would someone give it to her.

Petofi returns to his lair, where he finds Aristede. He says he sent Beth on an errand. Petofi asks where he's been. He slaps Aristede across the face. He explains that he left because Barnabas threatened to destroy him. Petofi calls him a bumbling fool.

He asks what his last request was, and he says it was killing Julia. Petofi tells him his plan didn't work. Aristede takes him to the room and shows him where the bullet went through her and the chair. Petofi is amazed. He leaves Aristede. Beth comes downstairs and asks him what's wrong with Petofi. Aristede says Petofi's glad to have him back.

Petofi comes to visit Julia. She asks what he wants. He says he's come to pay his respects. He pours them each a brandy, and pours something into hers. He hands her the drink, and toasts her enjoyment of 1897.

She takes a drink and asks him why he came. He says he came to watch her die. He explains there was cyanide in her brandy, and he wants to see if it kills her. She gets up, and he tells her to stop. She says that she would like to act it out for him, to make him think she felt the pain of the poison, but she knows he would wait to the very end. He asks why she cannot die. She explains that her body is in a trance in 1969, and he realizes her astral self can't be killed. He leaves her.

Aristede compliments Beth on her cooking. She says she didn't come there to cook. Petofi returns and sends Aristede away. Aristede asks if he found Julia alive. He says he did, and tells him again to leave.

Petofi tells Beth that she has been a great help to him. He reminds her that she went to the future the other night. He speaks about how her astral self is safe while she travels through time. She points out that Charity killed Barnabas, and he explains in great detail how Barnabas' living in their time provided him with a real body to live in. He opens a cabinet and tells her to look inside.

He asks her what she sees. Beth describes seeing Collinwood, but with different lights and furniture. She then sees Quentin, dressed differently. She sees him with a gun that's different than theirs. She explains that Quentin looks no older than he does now. Petofi tells her that she will remember nothing. She comes out of her trance, and he tells her he knows how he shall go to the future.

Our thoughts

John: How exactly would Kitty know where to find Petofi?

Christine: Perhaps it's one of many lairs he maintains in the area. Since he had dealings with her husband, who knew Roger, it's possible Petofi was hanging out in the Collinsport lair when she was visiting Collinwood with her husband in the past. Ouch! I think I pulled something while stretching myself to try and explain that. Perhaps we should just assume that being a reincarnated being gives Kitty psychic powers and leave it at that.

John: I have to say, Aristede's return was rather anticlimactic. I thought he was going to show Petofi that he picked up a protective amulet so that he couldn't be harmed. Instead, he shows off a new cravat that Petofi would just as soon strangle him with.

Christine: I love the way he was grinning with pride in showing off his new fashion accessory. I think we know now how Petofi engendered his loyalty. He made him the style icon that he truly is, in exchange for being his heavy.

John: We finally got a glimpse of Quentin sporting 1969 threads! Do you think this means his contract won't run out when we return from the 1897 flashback?

Christine: I think it means that Petofi has developed a harebrained scheme for getting to the future. It's the most garish thing we've seen on the show yet! I personally would have preferred to see him in a paisley tunic with love beads, sunglasses and a headband. The pumpkin orange shirt and Halloween themed tie were seasonally appropriate, but not well suited to a late 60s model Quentin.

Down for the Count:
Barnabas was staked in his coffin 4 episodes ago.

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