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Dark Shadows Episode 811 - 8/4/69

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Magda calls for Julianka, begging for the young girl's life. Lightning flashes and the cradle rocks. Magda says to pray she's come with pity for the child. The ghost of Jenny appears, and says she's not come with pity. Magda asks Jenny if she came to save her daughter. Jenny says she will save her, or take her with her. Jenny removes the amulet and picks up her daughter. She sings to her. She says when she wakes, she will stay well. Quentin thanks her and tells her that he wishes things had been different. Jenny tells him he can prove his love and keep his daughter safe. She tells him to look into his heart and he will know what to do, and then she disappears. Quentin tells Magda he knows what she wants him to do.

Trask visits Edward in his confused state as a servant, confined to a room. Trask tells him that he would let him out if he could, but he can't. He explains that there are people keeping him from taking his rightful place. He needs to take care of them before he becomes master of Collinwood. Trask asks him to sign a paper that will help rid him of his enemies. Edward goes to read it and Trask tells him there's no need. Edward points out that it indicates Trask would be the legal guardian of his son, but Edward tells him he has no son and refuses to sign an inaccurate document.

Quentin tells Trask he wants the old nursery opened for his daughter. Trask refuses to let his daughter stay in the house. He says he can't remove Quentin legally, but he reminds him that he is the master of Collinwood. Quentin says there are enough Collins' left to defeat him. Quentin goes to see Edward. Trask tells Magda that he visited Judith and she thinks she's a child again, missing her brothers, and she will soon be joined by Edward to keep her company.

Quentin tells Edward that they must get rid of Trask. He tells Edward Trask will harm his son, and Edward says that everyone thinks he has a son, noting Trask asked him to sign over guardianship of a son he doesn't have. Quentin realizes that Edward is lost to him.

Trask visits Edward. Edward says Quentin tormented him. He says he offered to let him out, and then did not. Trask says that he must stay as long as Quentin says he must. He tells him he has a job for him to do. He wants Edward to kill Quentin. Trask tells him that Quentin said he is never going to let him out.

Quentin is passed out while his theme plays on the Victrola. He dreams of Jenny singing to their daughter. He tells her their daughter is as beautiful as she is. Jenny tells him that she's sorry, as it won't be easy for him to give her up. She says she was mad when they took their children away from Collinwood. Quentin assures her their daughter will be safe in Collinwood. Jenny tells him to prove her love and give her up.

Edward the servant shows up and tells Quentin to do the right thing. Edward helps Quentin dress for dinner, and helps with tying his tie. Quentin says he's tying it too tight. Quentin wakes up to find Edward choking him.

Our thoughts

John: I'd like to think we've seen the last of Jenny (and her singing), but since Quentin doesn't appear to be getting the point regarding their daughter, we're probably not through with her.

Christine: Today was the last time Jenny Collins will appear on the show. I'm not really sure why they brought her ghost back, and it was unclear what she did to help Lenore, since it couldn't possibly have been the singing that cured her.

John: I really think Louis Edmonds' performance as Edward might be his finest on the show. He slips into the butler routine almost effortlessly.

Christine: My thoughts exactly! I do find it hard to believe that he'd be willing to kill Quentin since he was so unwilling to sign an erroneous document.

John: If there's one thing I'm confident of, it's that Edward doesn't stand a chance of killing Quentin. I can imagine the tables turning, which would throw yet another wrench in Trask's plans to take over Collinwood, assuming Jamison would fall under Quentin's guardianship...

Christine: He definitely won't be able to kill Quentin with such a loose grip on his throat. I really can't fathom why Quentin didn't inform Trask that he has the written confession to his wife's murder, and use it to get the louse out of Collinwood. Maybe all the time spent drinking and listening to his theme song is not helping him come up with an effective plan to get rid of Trask.

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