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Dark Shadows Episode 796 - 7/14/69

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Angelique meets Aristede in the woods. He says it's an honor that his puppeteer would see him again. He says he looked her up, and he knows that she is not a puppeteer. She asks if he's come for the ridiculous Hand. He says he wants to tell her about her fiancé, Quentin. He asks if she intends to marry him. He says that Quentin only has 30 minutes to live. She asks where he has him. He asks if she intends to choke him again, and she says she can do far worse things to him. He says if she  gives him the hand, Quentin will live. He adds that if she does anything to him, she will lose Quentin.

The pendulum swings closer to Quentin.

Angelique tells Aristede that she doesn't have the Hand. He tells her that she can get it. She explains that she gave it to someone else. She then tells him to look into her eyes, and then asks him to lead her to Quentin. He laughs, and shows her an amulet protecting him. He doesn't believe she gave the Hand away, but says that even if she did, she can get it back. He tells her to hurry.

Barnabas gives Julianka the Hand, and asks her how she will save Quentin. She refuses to tell him, explaining that her grandmother cured Count Petofi of the curse, and she will do the same with Quentin. She says that she and the Hand are the only ones who know how to do it. She says the moon will take the curse with it to the underside of time. Barnabas says that he doesn't know where Quentin is. She tells Barnabas to find him, and goes into the woods to collect the necessary herbs for the cure.

Aristede tells Quentin that Angelique is charming, but he has doubts about her. He mocks Quentin, who remains trapped under the descending pendulum.

Barnabas asks Angelique why she didn't tell him about Aristede. She says they must give him the Hand, or Quentin will die. Barnabas says that she could control Aristede, and Angelique says he has a protective medallion. She says she has to meet him in 15 minutes. She picks up the box with the Hand, and he tells her she can't take it. He says he will try his luck against Aristede's protective medallion. He says that he will save Quentin for the sake of David Collins and Chris Jennings.

Aristede tells Quentin that it's time, and asks if he wants to make a wager. Quentin slips out of one of his bonds, only to be tied back up by Aristede. He says that he sees Quentin doesn't trust Angelique either. The pendulum swings just over Quentin's waist as Aristede leaves him.

Angelique meets with Aristede again. He sees that she didn't bring the Hand, and turns to leave. She asks him to wait, and he tells her to put on her mourning clothes. She turns and runs away. A voice calls to Aristede, and says he cannot go. The voice asks where Quentin Collins is. Aristede demands that the person show himself, and Barnabas emerges from the woods.

He asks who Barnabas is. Barnabas asks him where Quentin is. He then compliments Aristede's medallion, and hypnotizes him. He tells Aristede to take him to Quentin, and he leads the way.

Quentin struggles as the pendulum swings lower.

Aristede brings Barnabas to where Quentin is kept. Barnabas calls to Quentin. Aristede laughs, and Barnabas asks where he took him, realizing that he's been tricked. Aristede says Quentin is miles away, with minutes to live. Aristede tells him Quentin is in an abandoned mill near Sutter's Creek, but there's no way he'll get to him in time. Barnabas tells him they'll meet again, and then changes into a bat and flies away. Aristede is surprised.

Just before the pendulum can cut Quentin in two, Barnabas pushes the table out of the way.

Julianka is preparing for the ceremony when Barnabas returns to the old house with Quentin. Quentin asks for her assurance that he won't be changed into something worse. She says that he will believe her. She tells him that when Count Petofi was cured, it cost him his hand. Julianka goes out to gather the last herb she needs.

Angelique, Quentin and Barnabas await Julianka's return. Barnabas goes to look for here.

Barnabas finds Julianka's body in the woods with a mark on her forehead. She struggles to speak, and passes out.

Our thoughts

John: No—not my Julianka! I hope she's not dead. Since we know where both the werewolf and vampire are, that leaves a very small selection of potential suspects. But was it Arsitede, or Victor, who was responsible?

Christine: Sadly, Barnabas is unable to recall what Jamison related to him about the events that led to Quentin's death, or he may have remembered about the murder of someone who could have helped him and done more to protect her. I'm betting on Victor as the one responsible for stamping her head, and I don't expect her to make it. Don't fret. You can still see Diana Davila in Play It Again, Sam.

John: I also noticed that Angelique did sound human trying to save Quentin. But don't think for a minute that she was showing her true feelings. After all they've been through, I find it hard to believe that she's suddenly over Barnabas.

Christine: I'm not buying it either, though I do believe she's infatuated with Quentin, which makes sense since they both like the same things: worshipping Satan, conducting black magic ceremonies, being impulsive and acting selfishly.

John: In 1897, good to know that you can set your clock by a pendulum, and that a vampire bat can fly at speeds upwards of 100 miles per hour!

Christine: I know we heard squeaky bat sounds, but did he really fly, or did he just apparate via chroma key magic? Aristede did not come well prepared with only one talisman, and should have been wearing his witch medallion, a cross, and a pentagram for full protection in Collinsport.

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