Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 792 - 7/8/69

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Quentin breaks into Evan's house and demands that Evan use the hand to fix his face. Evan says he doesn't have the hand. Quentin asks how Evan changed and he says he doesn't know. Quentin begins searching for it, and when Evan tries to stop him, Quentin knocks him out with a candlestick. Quentin finds the box with the hand and opens it up.

A strange man enters and tells Quentin that he'll take the hand. Quentin asks who he is, and the man introduces himself as Aristede. He again asks for the hand, this time saying please. Quentin refuses, and Aristede pulls out a curvy dagger.

He approaches Quentin with the knife, and says he doesn't want to hurt him. Quentin asks why he needs it, and Aristede tells him to give him the hand. Quentin offers to give it to him once he's done with it. Aristede says he'll have to find another way to deal with his difficulty, adding that his mangled-face doesn't suit him.

Aristede puts the knife at his throat, and Quentin places the box on the desk. Aristede picks it up, expresses delight in meeting Quentin, and then leaves, laughing.

Magda is wondering where Quentin is when he comes stumbling up to the old house. She asks where he's been. He says he went to Collinwood, though he didn't know why, and then to Evan Hanley's, where he saw the hand. She asks if he got it, and he tells her that someone took it from him. She asks who, and he says it was a stranger. She assumes it was someone sent by the gypsies. She asks where the man is, and Quentin says he left. She says that he didn't leave, he'll be coming to kill her. She says she's got to run, and Quentin says she'll never escape the young man. She says they would have sent an elder. Quentin says she must help him get the hand back.

He says Angelique owes him a favor. Magda says she could be anywhere on Earth or in Hell. He says they'll summon her. He says Angelique can handle the gypsies and get the hand back. Magda agrees they have no choice, and asks how he'll summon her. He tells Magda to get some black candles. She does, and he turns out the lights. He lights the candles and begins the ritual to summon Angelique.

Evan comes to, and finds Angelique with him, laughing. She says she's there to stay. He discovers the hand is missing. He tells her that he had a fight with Quentin, and she asks what he took from him. He says Quentin took nothing. She talks about returning to Collinwood to stay. She says that he will tell Edward and Trask about her. Evan hesitates, and she threatens him. She presses him on his issue with Quentin.

Quentin continues to summon Angelique, and Magda says she must go before the gypsies arrive. She opens the door and Angelique is outside. She enters, and recognizes Quentin immediately, despite his mangled-face. She says the hand must be quite powerful to have made him look as he does. He asks who told her about the hand, and she says Evan told her everything. She asks to see the hand, and he says he doesn't have it. Magda tells her that someone else took it, and she asks who. He says he'll tell her everything if she promises to help.

Evan calls Edward Collins and tells him that Angelique visited him. He explains that the situation isn't as they thought.

Quentin tells Angelique about the man who took the hand. She tells Magda to leave the room. She then agrees to help Quentin, for a price. She says he's asking a lot of her, and she may ask more of him later. He asks what she wants. She says she'll get the hand and then name her price. She asks him what the man looks like.

Aristede is on the docks, smoking, when Angelique approaches him. She flirts with him. She asks who he is. He says he is just someone waiting—for her.

She says it's lonely being a stranger. She tells him that she's a puppeteer. She says she had a quarrel with a gentleman friend, and came down to the docks to be alone. He says she's not alone now, and moves in to kiss her. She dodges him, and offers to entertain him.

She asks for his handkerchief. She pulls out a puppet that she says is him, and wraps it in the handkerchief. She tells him to turn around and tightens it around his neck. He begins to choke. She tells him to give her the hand before it's too late.

Our thoughts

John: Evan was so upset when Quentin slammed his candlestick on his desk that he passed out! Or at least that's what I assume happened, considering the candlestick was nowhere near striking Evan...

Christine: I wonder why Evan doesn't just use the Hand to help him fix his face and send him on his way. It seems like it would be less trouble.

John: Boy, that Aristede is extremely polite. I think we've just been introduced to the latest great character to arrive in Collinwood. I sure hope Angelique doesn't end up choking him out so quickly!

Christine: Maybe he'll demonstrate why he calls his knife the "Dancing Lady" on her.

John: Actress... puppeteer... prostitute? I think poor Aristede thought Angelique was selling something more than a puppet show when she approached him on the docks!

Christine: Nice to have Angelique back to control and terrorize the men in Collinsport.

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