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Dark Shadows Episode 375 - 12/1/67

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Jeremiah paces downstairs, wondering how he can tell Barnabas that Josette came to him saying she loved him. Angelique startles him, saying she's looking for Josette's purse. He asks her if Josette is happy. He says she seemed disturbed last night. Angelique says she's acting exactly like she did at home. Jeremiah realizes this means she has fooled Barnabas, so he has no choice but to tell him now. He leaves the room, and Angelique flashes a knowing smile.

Barnabas looks over Ben's shoulder, helping him learn to write. Jeremiah enters and says he must speak to him. Barnabas excuses Ben from his lesson, and asks Jeremiah what's wrong. He says it's Josette, and Barnabas freaks out, thinking there has been an accident. Jeremiah confirms that Barnabas loves her very much. Barnabas says she has such respect in her, and he only questions why she chose him, as he doesn't deserve her. Jeremiah says that perhaps he doesn't know her as well as he thinks he does. Barnabas says he wants Josette and Jeremiah to be friends. He says he was concerned that she'd be jealous over Jeremiah's influence over him. Barnabas says no one will ever come between he and Josette, and Jeremiah adds that no one will, if he can help it.

Angelique asks Ben if he's sure Jeremiah didn't tell Barnabas. He says it was wrong for him to stand there listening to them, just like it's wrong for him to be helping her. She says he has no choice. She tells Ben that tonight he'll be sure that Jeremiah drinks a very special toddy. She tells him that she knows how it feels to love someone who doesn't love you back. Ben calls her a witch.

She passes Jeremiah on her way upstairs. Josette comes in the front door, and tries to rush past Jeremiah. He asks her outside to talk. She explains how embarrassed she was about last night. She says she's never done anything like that before. He says he hopes so for Barnabas' sake. He asks why she came to his room, and she says she doesn't know. She reiterates that Barnabas is the only man she loves. Jeremiah says it makes no sense that she would love him, and she better decide why she did it, as he doesn't want her to hurt Barnabas. She says she'll kill herself first, and runs into the house.

The Countess is downstairs with her Tarot cards when Josette enters. She says Mrs. Collins was upset that Josette did not join them for lunch. She says she sent word that she wouldn't be there. She says she's supposed to go to the cabinetmaker with Barnabas, and asks if the Countess will go in her place. The Countess asks if she's frightened of marrying Barnabas. She explains that she'd marry him tonight if she could. The Countess says she's pleased that Josette doesn't take after her. She says she couldn't stand to spend time with Joshua. She adds that Jeremiah is very handsome, and she'd notice if she wasn't so caught up with Barnabas. Barnabas walks in and chides her for going all day without seeing him. She runs past him, and goes upstairs. He doesn't understand what happened, and the Countess suggests that she go with him to his cabinet makers.

The Countess says Barnabas is foolish not to play cards with her. He is upset that Josette didn't come down for dinner, and she jokingly says that they should change cooks. Jeremiah walks in, and just outside the door, Angelique sends Ben in with a toddy for Jeremiah.

Ben fixes drinks for everyone, and pours something into Jeremiah's. The Countess suggests that they should consider an immediate wedding, and Barnabas is not sure that would be possible. Jeremiah goes out for air. The Countess says she's going to play cards, and suggests that Barnabas go upstairs. He tells her that he would love Josette for no other reason than she is her aunt.

An hour later, the Countess continues to play solitaire. Josette comes downstairs, saying she can't sleep. She says she wants to go out. The Countess attempts to dissuade her, but she goes anyway. The Countess follows her.

Josette finds Jeremiah in the garden. He says he knew he came to wait for her, and she says she came for him. He tells her he loves her and they kiss as The Countess looks on from the bushes.

Our thoughts
John: What a nice guy Barnabas was, teaching Ben to write. Too bad old Matthew Morgan wasn't still around when Willie let him out of the coffin. He'd have probably gotten much better treatment than Willie ever did, if only for old-time's sake.

Christine: It's funny that Barnabas didn't call out the name of all the 1795 people he knew when meeting them again in 1967, but I suppose he's much more restrained than Vicki.

John: So does Josette only love Jeremiah when under the immediate effects of the potion? If that's the case, Ben's going to be pretty busy for the foreseeable future.

Christine: It seemed like Jeremiah broke the spell when he gave her a good hard shake in the last episode, but I suppose it was only temporary. Angelique's magic works in strange ways.

John: I guess the stronger potion did the trick this time. Jeremiah probably won't go rushing to Barnabas this time, but he's bound to find out sooner or later.

Christine: I don't think Angelique initially intended for Jeremiah to fall in love with Josette. She was expecting he would tell Barnabas that Josette was a floozy, which would kill the relationship. As she said to Ben, "There's no point in Josette going to Jeremiah's room unless he tells him." When that didn't happen, she decided to hex Jeremiah too.

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Paul Haney said...

One of my favorite Ben Stokes quotes is in this episode: "I don't think I'll ever need to write a word that has a Q anyway!"