Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 394 - 12/28/67

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André finds Angelique outside of the Countess' room. She explains they heard sounds from behind the locked door. As he makes plans to force the door, it opens on its own. They go in to find the room torn apart.

André is unwilling to believe something supernatural took place, but he can't otherwise explain things. Angelique suggests it may have been Jeremiah's ghost. Abigail enters, and upon seeing the state of the room, claims the devil has followed them into the new house. She says that Reverend Trask said they should clear the house of evil before moving in. She also says that the Collins family was never troubled until Victoria Winters and the duPrés arrived. André is insulted, and tells Abigail that he intends to tell her brother of her behavior.

As Angelique starts to leave, Abigail stops her. She intends to interrogate her. She tells Angelique she wants her to tell about her trickery. Angelique is surprised, and denies knowing what she means. Abigail says she used trickery on Barnabas. She explains that she knows how she got Barnabas to agree to marry her. She asks about the potion Angelique used to cure Sarah. Abigail tells Angelique that she doesn't fool her. She says that someone can cure ills may also be able to make people sick. Angelique says it's impossible, but then happens to mention that when Sarah was ill, Victoria was present. Abigail jumps on that, and while she doesn't dismiss her suspicion of Angelique as being in league with Vicki.

Abigail leaves, and Angelique calls for Jeremiah to appear. He does, and she tells him that he cannot return to his grave until he does one more thing for her.

Nathan stops in to see Barnabas. He asks to speak to him as a friend. He says the Countess told him that Barnabas is going to marry Angelique. He doesn't understand it, and Barnabas says it's too much to explain. He says that his father and aunt are against his marriage, and he hopes his friends will support him. He explains he has no choice. Nathan asks if he has to marry her because her honor is at stake, and Barnabas puts his mind at ease. Nathan asks about Josette, suggesting that the two of them might reconnect. Barnabas snaps at him, and then apologizes. Nathan leaves, saying he hopes Barnabas and Angelique will be happy together.

Barnabas hears the voice of Jeremiah. He turns to see him standing in the room. He says he wants in death what Barnabas would not give him in life—justice. He says Barnabas cannot have Josette, and Barnabas says that he'll marry Angelique. Jeremiah threatens to haunt him forever if he ever tries to marry Josette.

Angelique  comes to see Barnabas, and tells him his aunt Abigail is trying to prevent them from getting married. She says she was accused of making Sarah ill in order to trap him into marrying her. She says they must get married tonight. He says they promised his father they would wait, and she says that his aunt will find a way to stop them. He mentions that Jeremiah was just in his room, and threatened him if he ever married Josette. She tells him that the only solution is for them to be married tonight. He agrees, and says they will not run away to do it. He will go to speak to his father immediately.

Our thoughts

John Well, you've got to give Abigail credit for suspecting Angelique. But just when she had her on the ropes, Angelique drops the V-word and Abigail's suspicions return to our young Miss Winters.

Christine: I'm surprised she doesn't suspect they are in the same coven. Maybe it will take her a little more time to get around to that.

John: So is Jeremiah a ghost or a shambling cadaver? I was hoping for the latter after his prior appearances, but now he's back, via the bargain blue-screen, and it's not quite as impressive as when he's on set.

Christine: He seems to be a little bit of both. I think the voiceover also reduces his fear factor.

John: Can anyone explain why one of Jeremiah's eyes is hanging out of its socket? It's a good look, but I wish it were justified based on how he died. Unless they really want us to believe that Barnabas shot him in the face during their duel. Or it was damage from crawling out of the grave...

Christine: Perhaps he's just decomposing quickly.

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Paul Haney said...

Never let logic get in the way of a cool/scary visual like a dangling eyeball!