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Dark Shadows Episode 377 - 12/5/67

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Naomi Collins paces when Angelique startles her. She says she's looking for the Countess' fan. She finds it and shows it to Naomi, pointing out it features art from the Tarot cards. Naomi asks if she's seen Jeremiah, and Angelique says she heard he was working from home. She realizes that Naomi is going to tell Jeremiah about her nightmare.

Jeremiah suggests that Naomi go into the village to buy a bonnet in order to forget her dream. She tells him not to laugh at her, and says he was in it. She explains that he was obsessed with someone, she doesn't know who, and that his love was terribly wrong. She says she was trying to stop him from doing something, but she's not sure what. She asks him if everything is well with him. He says he's not thrilled with so many strangers in the house, but he'll be fine once Barnabas marries Josette. She says the Countess was trying to tell the future with her Tarot cards, and he blames her dream on that.

Nathan tells Josette that he is jealous of Barnabas. She laughs and introduces him to Millicent. Naomi comes downstairs and Nathan goes about his business. Millicent comments on how handsome he is. Josette fixes tea for Naomi, and seeing a mark on her hand, she says, "It's You!" and runs upstairs.

Nathan meets with Jeremiah and asks about Vicki. Jeremiah asks if he'd take Millicent as a substitute, telling him about the land she owns in New York. Naomi interrupts them, and after Nathan leaves, she says that she saw the mark from her dream on Josette's hand - a pitchfork. Jeremiah suggests that it's her imagination. She tells him that dreams mean something. He barks at her that she must not tell anyone. He backs down and suggests that it would be inappropriate to mention it to Josette or Barnabas, and upset them based on a dream.

Josette washes her hands when Angelique enters her room. She asks if something is wrong, and Josette said that a mark appeared on her hand. Angelique says she had something similar, and she used Josette's rosewater. She takes the bottle she had previously added her potion to, and washes Josette's hand with it, removing the mark completely. Josette is very appreciative of Angelique's assistance.

Nathan comes downstairs and finds Millicent bundling up. He asks if she's going out, as he wanted to have a cup of tea with her. He then suggests she must be meeting a man. She giggles like a schoolgirl, saying she knows very little about men. He tells her that she must learn everything about men from him. Nathan flirts with her, and she says he is very forward. He tells her that she's old-fashioned, and he must show her a whole new world.

Jeremiah comes down and asks Nathan to join him. Before leaving, Nathan tells Millicent to make a decision about seeing him again. Millicent notices that Jeremiah has a mark matching the one that Josette had. He is shocked, and makes an excuse about scratching his hand before leaving.

Josette is in her room when there's a knock at the door.

She lets Jeremiah in. He says that he never planned to see her alone, but he had to. He asks her about the mark on his hand. She says there is something between them. Jeremiah shakes her and says she still loves Barnabas. He asks her about the mark on her hand, and she uses the same rosewater to wash his off. He tells her that Naomi had a dream last night in which they had the mark. She's unable to wash his off. As they clutch each others hands, they kiss. Jeremiah initially tears himself away from her, but then turns back to her. Josette says she doesn't care if everyone in the house knows—they must be together. Jeremiah steps away and says he has to leave town tonight. He storms out.

Our thoughts
John: I'm sorry, but a pitchfork appearing on your hand isn't quite the same as a scratch or bruise. And since Millicent saw it on both Josette and Jeremiah, it seems like word is destined to get out to the rest of the family.

Christine: So, are we to assume that the mark of the devil appears on Jeremiah and Josette to indicate they are under an evil spell? How is it that it can only be removed by more love potion? I would think the love potion would make it more apt to remain.

John: The less Millicent says, the better, but that schoolgirl giggling is sure grating on the nerves. I don't expect Nathan would stick around long after he's taught her all the lessons he has about men.

Christine: Nathan only became interested in her after Jeremiah informed him of her real estate holdings in New York, so I'm thinking a double wedding is in store. She is prudish, he is a cad, and they are wonderful together. That should be a fun relationship to watch. Props to both actors.

John: Kudos to Jeremiah for having more will power than Josette, and realizing the only way to prevent things from going to hell is to get out of Dodge. Unfortunately, it seems pretty clear that he's not going to be able to do that in time.

Christine:  I'm surprised Jeremiah didn't shake her wig off. Anthony George seemed a little overzealous in that scene.

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