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Episode 176 - 2/27/67

Laura stares into the fireplace in the cottage while Dr. Guthrie stumbles into the drawing room, calling out to Vicki. She comes downstairs and asks him what's wrong. She tells him to snap out of it but he says he can't.

David walks in on his mother, finding her transfixed by the flames. He calls to her, and she eventually acknowledges his presence.

Back in the main house, Guthrie appears to be free of whatever was ailing him.

David tells his mother that he wanted to visit her because he was lonely. She describes how sometime she likes being alone. He asks what she was doing, and she says she was staring into the fire, thinking. He says he won't bother her any more and starts to leave. She reacts to this and apologizes to him. She asks him to come give her a hug in front of the fire. She tells David to look into the fire, and he says he doesn't see anything. She tells him that very soon he will. She reminds him that he's always welcome with her. He leaves, and she continues staring into the fire.

Vicki asks Guthrie what happened. He says he wasn't sure, and asked her what it looked like. Vicki said it was just like the day Mrs. Stoddard got sick. He says he felt faint. Vicki asked what led up to it. He says he can't remember what led up to the event. Vicki explains that's exactly what happened to Mrs. Stoddard. Guthrie says he remembers where he was, and what he was doing. He said he had visited Laura, and she warned him to stay away from her. Vicki says that Liz also visited Laura.

David enters, and Vicki asks where he was. He explains he was with his mother, and Guthrie asks how long he was, and if she did anything strange. David says it was like she didn't want him around. He said that he entered the cottage without knocking, and she was just sitting and staring into the fire. David says she looked like she did in the painting, when she was surrounded by fire. He says she didn't respond to his calls, and after he shook her, she finally came to. She told him she was just daydreaming, and then tried to get rid of her. Once he started to leave, she tried to get him to stay. He also says she told him that she'd teach him how to see things by looking into the fire.

David heads off for dinner, and Guthrie tells Vicki that he thinks that David interrupted his mother precisely at the moment he came out of his daze. Vicki finds it hard to believe that Laura has such a power. Guthrie says it might be an influence that Laura has; unlike anything he has seen in his life. Guthrie says that now that he knows about it, he can protect himself. He also says that whatever power Laura possesses must be destroyed. The front door blows open, and Laura is standing there.

Laura says she's delivering David's scarf. Vicki says David didn't have a scarf today. She goes to see to David's dinner, leaving Laura and Guthrie alone together. Laura says that she doesn't comprehend Guthrie. She asks what kind of person goes into his work—meddling in things best left alone. He tells her he's sure she knows all about those things. She feigns ignorance, and he tells her she's too modest. He asks her if she's surprised to see him up and around. He asks if that's the reason she came to the house. He says he thinks she has some sort of special power or influence. He accuses her of putting Liz in a trance, and almost doing the same to him. He says that once he figures out what kind of force she is, he'll tell her and everyone else. Laura laughs, and walks out on him.

Our thoughts

John: In classic cliffhanger serial fashion, this episode begins differently than the last one ended. In this case, Guthrie doesn't collapse before the fireplace—and Vicki arrives after hearing his call.

Christine: That was a close call for Dr. Guthrie. Next time he might not be so lucky.

John: Of all the things Laura shouldn't be burning, it's bridges with David, and yet she did what may be irreparable harm to their relationship today. Will she come to regret that?

Christine: It seemed like she managed to smooth him over. You never know with David, though. He's very fickle.

John: So Guthrie has all but called out Laura, though he still doesn't know what she is. One has to wonder how much longer until her true nature is understood by everyone at Collinwood.

Christine: While I enjoy his confrontational nature, it was foolish of him to say he was going to tell everyone what kind of force she is as soon as he could figure it out and not expect it to make her more determined to use her powers to stop him.

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