Friday, February 10, 2017

Episode 165 - 2/10/67

Vicki catches David sneaking out to spend the night at Laura's when Roger interrupts them and says he gave David permission to do so. Vicki asks to speak to Roger privately. He sends David upstairs and tells Vicki that he is David's father. Carolyn joins them and asks what's going on with David. Roger mentions that David will spend the night at his mother's, and Carolyn says that if Vicki says no, then David cannot stay with Laura. Roger makes it clear to the two of them that any say they have over what goes on in Collinwood does not extend to overriding his authority with David. He leaves them to get David, and Guthrie arrives at Collinwood. Vicki explains that Burke saw Liz just before she got sick—in the cottage with Laura.

Roger delivers David to Laura. He tells David that while they are together, his mother is in complete charge of him.

Carolyn wants to confront Laura, and Guthrie suggests against it. Laura has denied any involvement of Liz's illness. He thinks it's best not to let Laura know what they are thinking. Guthrie brings up having a seance. They tell Guthrie that Roger has taken David to spend the night with his mother. He doesn't want Roger to know what they are doing, either, for fear that he would tell Laura.

Laura prepares the couch for David to sleep on. David describes missing his aunt. Laura suggests he grab a book to read. He sits by the fire instead of next to Laura, and she calls him over closer to her.  

Vicki and Carolyn are cold in the drawing room. Carolyn wishes her mother were there.

In the cottage, Laura holds David close to her. Josette's ghost appears, and Laura tells her to stay away. She claims she has no power as long as she holds David in her arms.  She tells Josette to go away and never come back, and she disappears. David wakes up and asks who was just there. She tells him to go back to sleep.

Our thoughts

John: Earlier this week, David had nothing but positive things to say about his friend Vicki. Today, he's right back to normal.

Christine: Can't wait for the first seance at Collinwood.

John: After getting what he said he wanted, David doesn't look too thrilled to have the extra time alone with his mother.

Christine: Well how much fun can he have staring and poking at the fireplace anyway?

John: Laura seemed to scare off Josette's ghost a little too easily. I guess that means that the ultimate Phoenix/ghost smackdown is yet to come.

Christine: Did she scare her away or was Josette just letting her know that she's around to ward her off and protect David?

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