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Episode 166 - 2/13/67

Vicki plays solitaire while Carolyn paces around the drawing room. She's upset that David is with his mother. She thinks he's in danger. Vicki reminds her that Roger gave his permission. Carolyn says she can tell Laura to leave Collinwood, and Vicki points out that if she does leave, she might take David. Vicki reminds Carolyn that Dr. Guthrie was interested in holding a seance. Carolyn thinks it might be a gas.

David returns home and Carolyn throws herself at him and tells him how much she missed him. He says he's going to visit his mother again, and Carolyn says he should ask permission first. He says he doesn't have to, and they're no sooner back to bickering. He explains that he's safe there, and mentions smelling the perfume he associates with Josette. There's a knock at the door, and when Carolyn goes to answer it, David sits by the fire and stares into it.

Joe Haskell arrived at the house to pick up a ledger. He asks about Liz, and offers his help. Carolyn thanks him. Carolyn basically tells Joe that she's free, and won't make the same mistake twice. He tells her that he's not free, but he offers her friendship, if she wants it.

David tells Vicki about a wonderful dream he had when staying with his mother, and that he can't believe he was scared of her earlier.

Sam Evans lets out a drunken laugh in the Blue Whale. Joe and Maggie sit at a nearby table, and he tells her not to worry about her dad. Joe mentions that he saw Carolyn earlier today. He tells her that Carolyn expressed interest in getting back together, and he told her that he was not available. Sam lets out another belly laugh, and Maggie is distracted. She goes over to check on him. Sam tells her that the picture of Laura haunts him. He says Dr. Guthrie came by to ask about the painting.

Burke shows up at the Blue Whale and joins Joe at his table. He offers a truce. Joe accepts, and says the object of their affection is all his. Burke says he was about to say the same thing to Joe. Maggie returns to the table and mentions that Dr. Guthrie was asking her father questions. Burke gets up to buy Sam a drink.

Burke asks what Guthrie wanted, and Sam says he was interested in his painting of Laura being consumed by fire.

Our thoughts

John: Carolyn missed David, but got over it almost as soon as he got home. One has to wonder if she'd really miss him if he were gone.

Christine: Of course she would miss him, even if it was only to miss being irritated by him.

John: Nice to see Carolyn try to crawl back to Joe, and have him stand up to her. After all they went through, she deserves worse treatment than he gives her.

Christine: I bet if Joe didn't have Maggie, he would have gone back to her.

John: Once Burke and Joe share the fact that neither is interested in Carolyn any more, I almost expected that to signal her departure from the show. Who could she possibly pair up with next? I would hope not her uncle. She doesn't seem too fond of Dr. Guthrie. Maybe if some new bad boys come to Collinwood...

Christine: There's always Sam Evans. After all, art could imitate life (for those who didn't see the caption in Episode 35 and are unaware, Nancy Barrett was married to David Ford from 1967-1969). I could have sworn Joe said, "The object of our defection is no longer of any interest to me" to Burke.

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