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Episode 167 - 2/14/67

Vicki describes David's dream to Dr. Guthrie. It ends with David and his mother flinging themselves into a bright light. Guthrie suggests that it might not be a dream; that it could be a vision.

Laura pleads with Roger to let her have David before it's too late. She wants him immediately, and he says she can have him soon enough. She says she doesn't have much time and he asks her what she means. He doesn't understand her impatience. She asks Roger what he'd think if she mentioned  the word manslaughter to Burke, and she's surprised when he tells her to go ahead. She says she'll turn state's witness, and he tells her she'd have to admit to perjury, and that would play in to any custody hearing. She realizes he's right. She asks him to begin with divorce and custody proceedings. He explains he will do things as he sees fit, and that she has no choice but to be patient.

Vicki asks how he'll try to find out about David's dream, and Dr. Guthrie suggests a seance to contact Josette, or someone else who is able to help them. Carolyn enters and asks about the seance. He wants everyone there, including Laura and Roger. Vicki asks if they can first try without David present, and Guthrie reluctantly agrees.

Roger refuses to participate in a seance. Carolyn tells him that it could help her mother. Guthrie tells Roger that if the seance fails to provide the information he needs, there will be no reason to stay in Collinwood. That gets Roger's attention, and he agrees to participate almost immediately, in the hopes of getting rid of Guthrie once and for all.

Carolyn tells Vicki she's going to go to the cottage right now and let her know that they're aware that she lied about seeing her mother before her illness set it. Vicki tries to discourage her, but Carolyn tells her she's not afraid of Laura and heads out.

There's a knock at the door of the cottage. Laura's face is superimposed by fire. She invites Carolyn in, who asks her to borrow a scarf,  Carolyn begins to talk about her mother, and mentions how helpful it would be if someone had seen her right before her illness set in. Laura drops the pretense and asks what she wants. Carolyn mentions that Burke told them he saw Liz at the cottage. Laura tries to explain it away, and then all but threatens Carolyn. Carolyn does not appear intimidated by Laura, as she leaves the cottage to return to Collinwood.

Our thoughts

John: We're treated to great footage of Alexandra Moltke blowing us a kiss during the slate reading. Quite appropriate for this Valentine's Day episode.

Christine: I am quite sure that is not our regular announcer, Bob Lloyd, however. Maybe he was off celebrating with his sweetheart.

John: I enjoy how Laura swings between pleading and threatening. She toggles in and out of her soft manner of speaking. We get several instances of that in today's episode.

Christine: I liked when she dropped the sweet Aunt Laura act for Carolyn. Carolyn may be heady with power as mistress of Collinwood, or she's feeling like a typical invincible teenager, thinking she's immune to Laura's power of enchantment.

John: I also thought it was great that Roger jumped at the chance of holding a seance if it might mean getting rid of Guthrie in short order.

Christine: Roger was in fine form today. I really enjoyed this dialogue from today's episode. Louis Edmonds' delivery makes it pure gold.
Roger: Help your mother?! Why not dance a voodoo dance around the hospital table, chanting semi-guttural noises?
Guthrie: Mr. Collins, I can tell you that I feel a seance is the one real contribution I can make to this entire case.
Roger: I congratulate you. It is the first succinct confession of quackery I have ever heard.
Vicki: Roger, it is not quackery. We can't ignore what's been going on here.
Guthrie: Mr. Collins, I'm aware that you've never cared for my ideas.
Roger: These are not ideas. Ideas are the product of a human mind. This is a product of irrational superstition.
Guthrie: I know that you're anxious to have me leave Collinwood. Well there is one way that you can hasten my departure.
Roger: A simple request perhaps?
Carolyn: Uncle Roger, please!
Guthrie: If the seance fails, then there'll be no reason for me to stay on.
Roger: Oh?
Guthrie: Once the seance is over...
Roger:  You'll forget this foolishness?
Guthrie: I'll have no choice.
Roger: Well! Then let's do it at once! Come along, girls, let's gather around...

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