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Episode 174 - 2/23/67

Frank tells Dr. Guthrie that he came by to hear the tape. Guthrie plays the tape for him and all they hear is fire. He says the voices are gone, and in their place, it's the crackling of flames. Guthrie explains that any force powerful enough to do the things that have gone on in Collinwood would have no trouble replacing the audio on his recording. Frank suggests that fire once again seems to point to Laura Collins, and then mentions the Phoenix case is closing today. Guthrie is upset they can close the case without having answers. Frank asks him if he's confident Laura is behind the strange occurrences at Collinwood, and Guthrie confirms that he is. He says she may be so unwittingly, but she does seem to be involved.

Frank starts to tell him news of Liz from Boston as Carolyn walks in. He says she's better, but then backs off from that and says very slightly improved. Her pulse and temperature are closer to normal, but she's still catatonic. Carolyn wants to visit her mother, but Dr. Guthrie suggests that it might be best that she not visit her yet. He says he's confident that the source of her illness is in Collinwood.

Joe arrives with some papers for Frank to sign, and Carolyn explains he and Dr. Guthrie are walking the grounds. She invites him into the drawing room, and asks how he's been. He says he's been fine, and asks how her Mom is doing. She explains they won't let her see her mother. She says without her mother she has no one to turn to. Joe explains that he's her friend, and she can turn to him. She tells him it never occurred to her that she would need him and he wouldn't be around. He clarifies that he's only offering friendship, and then he gives her a big hug and tells her to have a good cry.

In Phoenix, the papers are signed closing out the case of Laura Collins' dead doppleganger. The Lieutenant starts to leave, but he's told that he has to sign an affidavit in the morgue before the body is released for burial.

Carolyn tells Joe that she's sure Laura is responsible for all of the bad things that have been happening—including her mother's illness. Joe says he's heard that Guthrie is really a cop, investigating the body in Phoenix.

In the morgue, the Lieutenant gets a call from Frank Garner. He confirms the papers have just been signed, closing the case.

Frank tells Carolyn, Joe and Guthrie that the case in Phoenix is closed.

Back in the Phoenix morgue, there's a sign on a locker drawer that reads, Laura Murdoch Collins. One Lieutenant points out that they haven't changed it to 'identity unknown'. The locker is opened, and the drawer slid out showing that the body is gone.

Our thoughts

John: So Frank and Guthrie seem to agree that Laura is the source of the trouble at Collinwood, but don't know what to do with that information. If they had only thought to call in an exorcist.

Christine: Truly, knowing you're dealing with the first malicious supernatural entity on Dark Shadows is one thing, but determining what to do about it is quite another. Mrs. Johnson may be the one who holds the key--just put out the fire at the cottage. Laura seemed to freak out about that in Episode 172.

John: It's hard to believe that Carolyn and Joe had an adult conversation for the first time in the history of the show. Maybe, just maybe, she's turning a corner in her mother's absence.

Christine: The only other person Carolyn has had a close relationship with for any length of time, aside from Liz, is Joe. She's bound to misconstrue his caring hug as potential for reconciliation, despite what he has to say about Maggie, especially when she's feeling lonely without her mother.

John: I knew there was no way they built a morgue set just so they could show the Phoenix police answering a telephone call. The disappearance of Laura's charred remains is an interesting new twist that I hope they'll explain in the legend of the phoenix. Of course, I would have loved to hear the reaction of housewives across America if they had pulled open the drawer to expose an extra-crispy corpse back in 1967...

Christine: That is a pretty awesome morgue set, complete with echoing voices and everything! The only thing lacking was a corpse with a toe tag on the exam table. A charred corpse in the drawer would have also been nice. I'm still trying to figure out how her body could be charred in Phoenix and fresh in Collinsport at the same time. Isn't the phoenix supposed to rise from the ashes? Also, if she just burned up in Phoenix and is newly reborn, then why does she keep saying she's running out of time?

This is the only time we'll see Lt. Costa (background), but actor John Harkins will reappear as several different characters in a few more years.

If it weren't for the cactus, we might not know we were in Phoenix.
So this is Phoenix?

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