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Episode 169 - 2/16/67

Dr. Guthrie returns to Collinwood, and lets Carolyn know that Laura refused his invitation to participate in the seance. He says that since she's hostile towards what he's trying to do, it might be best for her not to be there.

Carolyn is skeptical of a seance, and asks if Guthrie has had success before. He says he's had evidence of communication with the dead, and asks her to trust him. He explains he'll do everything in his power to help her mother. Vicki comes downstairs and tells them that the storm outside is keeping David awake. Guthrie says he's planning to start the seance once David is asleep.

There's a knock at the door, and Vicki is surprised that Frank has arrived. He says Roger called him to come. Roger enters and escorts Frank to his study for a private conversation.

Roger tells Frank he's not satisfied with how he's handling the divorce. He wants him to resolve it faster. Roger offers Frank a drink, and asks Frank about his legal rights to the house and the cannery. With Liz incapacitated, he asks who has the right to take her place and make decisions. Frank explains that her next of kin, Carolyn does. Roger says he thinks it should be a more responsible member of the family, and Frank confirms that Liz has a will that states that. Roger asks if there's anything he can do to fight it, and Frank says no. Roger then brings up Dr. Guthrie, and asks if Frank knew he was planning a seance. Franks says that while Guthrie's methods may be strange, he has complete confidence in him. Roger says he doesn't think Frank is telling him everything he knows, but that he'll find out about Guthrie, and deal with him in his own way.

Carolyn and Vicki nervously await the seance. Carolyn tells Vicki that despite all the things she's said about David, she'll miss him if he leaves. Vicki consoles her as she expresses worry for her mother. Frank comes in, and Carolyn tells him she wants him to book her a flight to Boston to see her mother tomorrow. He sits her down, and tells her that he's seen her mother. He says she's the same, and that the doctors say that a visit from the family wouldn't help right now. She screams at him that he knows her mother is going to die. She calls Guthrie a quack as he enters. He asks if she'd like to call it off, and she says yes, as it wouldn't do any good since she's never going to see her mother alive again.

Vicki comes downstairs after helping Carolyn to bed, and asks Frank what the doctors really said. He says that they aren't holding out much hope for her. Vicki asks Guthrie if he'll still do the seance, and he says only if Carolyn wants to. She comes downstairs and apologizes to him. She says she wants to proceed with the seance. Carolyn asks Frank if he'll join them, and Guthrie suggests they limit it to the members of the family. Frank says good night to Vicki, who goes upstairs with Carolyn.

Guthrie tells Frank that Mrs. Stoddard's life may hang in the balance, and he thinks the seance is worth trying. He also says that if they succeed, they may unleash a force that they may not be able to control.

Our thoughts

John: We've been living in this house for 9 months and only today find out that Roger has s study between the front door and the drawing room? And Liz has a study, too... somewhere in the house.

Christine: Collinwood has many rooms we have yet to discover. Considering the number of liquor bottles, you'd think he'd spend more time in his study than in the drawing room.

John: If Carolyn truly believes that her mother is going to die, wouldn't a seance be a good opportunity to speak with her one last time? I'm wondering if that's what turned her around.

Christine: I don't think she can communicate from beyond the grave until she's there. I suspect Carolyn realized that trying to do something was better than nothing. Also, it would be kind of mean to get us all excited about a seance and then just drop it.

John: I'm hoping that Frank's not attending the seance tomorrow leaves room in the revolving cast list for a ghost or two to appear!

Christine: It's great weather for a seance with lots of dark shadowy lighting to get us in the spirit!

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