Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Episode 158 - 2/1/67

The doctor examines Liz. Roger asks him what's wrong with her, and he says he's never seen anything like this. They step outside to discuss it. The doctor explains that she seems to be very ill, but there isn't anything physically wrong with her. He'd like to take her to a hospital in Boston to run tests. Roger gives his permission, but says the challenge will be getting Liz's.

Carolyn asks Vicki about what happened to her mother. Roger comes in and tells them what the doctor said. He says the three of them will have to convince her to leave the house. Carolyn points out that her mother being out of commission makes it easier for him to deal with Laura, David, and the divorce; without her mother's input.

Roger visits Liz and tells her the doctor wants to run more tests, and he wants her to go to Boston. She refuses to leave the house. She says it's just fatigue. She asks to speak to Carolyn, and he calls her in. Liz tells Carolyn not to turn against her. She asks if she'll let them take her out of the house. She pleads for Carolyn not to let them take her. Carolyn says she just wants her mother to be well. She says if she is taken, then Carolyn is in charge, and no decisions are to be made about David while she's gone. She then realizes that Carolyn may not be able to stand up to her uncle, and decides she can't leave. She tells them to get her lawyer, and says she won't leave.

Roger asks if she's really going to cut them all off for trying to help her. She says she wants to speak to Vicki. Roger gets her, and Liz tells him she wants to speak to her alone. She asks Vicki to promise to do as she asks. She says that Laura is going to try and take advantage of her being away from the house. She says Vicki is responsible for keeping David away from his mother. She says that Vicki is too young, and there's no one she can trust. She reiterates that they can't take her away, and sends Vicki out.

She bolts up in bed and sees Laura sitting in her room. Liz tells her to go away. She tells Laura that she won't let her have David. Liz says there's something she needs to remember, and Laura tells her that she won't. She says time is coming to a halt; no future, no past, only the nothingness of limbo.

Downstairs Roger and Carolyn argue about what to do. Roger turns and sees Laura in the doorway. He tells her what has happened to Liz. Carolyn lashes out at her aunt, saying that her mother's leaving would fit perfectly with her plans. She storms out, and Roger tells Laura that she's more and more like him every day. Roger explains that Carolyn may keep her mother in the house to prevent Laura from getting David. He explains that before Laura's arrival, Burke Devlin was her beau.

Upstairs, Carolyn screams. Vicki and Roger find her with Liz, who appears to be in a catatonic state.

Our thoughts

John: I'm surprised that there's a question as to whether Liz will be sent to a hospital. If her health is deteriorating, who's going to vote to keep her in the house?

Christine: I believe they may fear the very act of removing her from Collinwood could kill her.

John: Poor Liz. She has enough strength to talk to Carolyn, and then Vicki, about heeding her wishes, only to realize that in both cases, neither is capable of standing up to her brother and sister-in-law.

Christine: Our matriarch has been seriously threatened by a malevolent paranormal force. It was terrifying to see Laura appear in Elizabeth's room. The supernatural Dark Shadows we will come to know and love has most definitely arrived.

John: Why is Laura so worried about getting legal custody of David. Whatever her plans are, I imagine that if she abducted him, she could accomplish her goals with less headache.

Christine: The heat is already on her, so it could be problematic to run off with him when Lt. Riley is still lurking about. I loved when Roger acknowledged that Carolyn was becoming more like him every day. Ain't it the truth! Let's hope she doesn't start drinking. By the way, did you recognize good old Dr. Reeves from Episode 17?

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