Monday, January 23, 2017

Episode 151 - 1/23/17

Liz comes into David's room to wake him up. He says he didn't fall asleep until late. He said he cried until his mother showed up. Liz says she couldn't have, and David produces her handkerchief. She asks when he got it, and David tells her it was last night, after he found out about his picture. She asks if his mother frightened him, and he says it was more like his dreams before she arrived. Liz says she's glad to see him cheerful again, and David says she has his mother to thank for that. She asks if he'd like to go away with his mother, and he says maybe.

Liz tells Roger that she won't have it. Roger says he'll recall David fondly once he's gone. He says it's his and Laura's decision. Liz reminds Roger that if she wants to stay in his house, he had better heed her wishes. Roger says if he leaves, David will go with him, and Liz reminds him that if Laura takes David, he'll already be gone.

Roger leaves as Carolyn comes down for breakfast. She speaks ill of Laura and Liz chides her for it. Carolyn explains how Burke has dumped her for Laura. Liz demands that Carolyn tell her everything she knows about Laura and Burke. Carolyn admits her mother was right about Burke, and says that Laura will be more helpful to Burke. Carolyn asks how Laura and Burke could hurt them the most, and Liz decides that it would be through David. Liz decides that Laura must leave immediately.

David plays with his toy soldiers on a chessboard instead of doing his schoolwork. He hides them when Roger walks in and tells him that he's done something to please him. Roger is quickly irritated by David, but composes himself and suggests David get to know his mother better. He says he should consider taking a trip with her. He also suggests that David might tell that to his aunt Liz.

David's back to his toy soldiers when Carolyn comes in. He hides them again and tells her it's hard to study with so many interruptions. She picks up one of his soldiers and says she can see how hard he's studying. Carolyn asks him about the painting, and he says he's okay now that his real mother is around. He's not having bad dreams any more. He says he knows how much he likes her, and Carolyn says he shouldn't get attached, as she might be going away. David says that Carolyn doesn't like his mother, and she suggests that she does. When she leaves, he proceeds to knock down his toy soldiers, saying they're dead.

Carolyn finds Roger in the drawing room. She brings up Burke, and Roger brushes it off. He says as long as they're married, and Laura wants David, she'll do what he says. Carolyn says Burke still has feelings for Laura. Roger says he'll put a stop to that, and Carolyn likes the sound of that.

Our thoughts

John: I love when Liz reminds Roger of his standing in the house. It's easy to forget that he's just a guest, and his good standing depends on David being present.

Christine: It didn't prevent him from suggesting that David consider taking a trip with his mommy.

John: I had to laugh when Roger corrects David and says he'll have to talk to Vicki about his syntax. We'll remember that the next time he flubs his lines...

Christine: Roger tells David he can be a really intelligent little fellow when he wants to. While he probably meant for David to work out a way to convince Liz to let him go with his mom, David more likely was figuring out that Roger is desperate to be rid of him.

John: Carolyn doesn't realize that her feminine charms have no effect on David. She's even less convincing than Roger normally is when it comes to suggesting she'd like David to stay in Collinwood.

Christine: Carolyn and Roger really are two peas in a pod. Exchanges like the ones they had with David today are fun to watch.

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