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Episode 149 - 1/19/67

We see Sam wander through his house with his hands in gloves and Carolyn stomp into Collinwood. Vicki asks her what's wrong, and she says she's angry with the world. And then she says it started with Vicki. She says all the things Vicki said about Burke are true. Carolyn says she threw herself at Burke, and that he told her, in so many words, that she had gone out of style. Carolyn blames it on Laura.

Sam tries to open a bottle to take a drink with gloved hands. Maggie arrives home, and tries to cheer him up. He asks her how the painting on his easel burned. He says the other painting is going to burn, too.

In David's room, the painting of Laura in fire glows.

Vicki tries to console Carolyn. Roger arrives, and Vicki goes upstairs to check on David. Carolyn tells Roger she's done with Burke Devlin. Roger suggests that Burke has traded his affections for her aunt Laura.

The ghost of Josette appears in David's room. She approaches the painting and reaches out to touch it.

Roger says he's not concerned about anything between Burke and Laura. Vicki comes back downstairs and says David is off to the store with Mrs. Johnson. There's a knock at the door, and Vicki answers it. Sam Evans has arrived to see Roger. He asks Vicki if she still has the painting, and she says it's in David's room. Sam asks Roger if he can see the painting, and Roger sends Vicki up to get it.

Vicki walks into David's room and sees the painting has David's portrait added in the missing portion. She screams and brings it downstairs. Roger asks Sam what it means. He said the painting was incomplete that morning. Sam says the paint is dry, which would take days. He also says that he somehow knew the painting was completed, but he doesn't know how. Vicki said she felt as if someone had been in David's room. She smelled a jasmine perfume. She says no one in the house wears it, but she smelled it once before, in the old house when she saw the ghost of Josette. Roger throws the painting into the fireplace, and as it burns we hear a woman's screams.

Our thoughts

John: Josette's ghost makes her first appearance in Collinwood proper.

Christine: Now that we can see her clearly, she looks more like Maggie than ever.

John: Roger surprisingly offers Sam a drink (if he can hold a glass), and more shockingly, Sam declines.

Christine: He probably offered it because he knew he couldn't hold it and he wanted to see him struggle with it.

John: I'm pleased that the painting was finally completed with David's portrait, and thought it was particularly cool that it was done mysteriously. Roger is quick to destroy the supernatural evidence, but we are left to wonder, do the occupants of the drawing room also hear the bloodcurdling scream as the painting burns?

Christine: Are we to assume Josette completed the painting and has been responsible for compelling Sam to paint it, Vicki to bring it to Collinwood, and David to want it in his room? Does this indicate a growing influence from the Collins' ancestor?

You can see the eyes have been gouged to make them glow when placed on the fire, which is a nice effect.

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