Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Episode 137 - 1/3/67

The sheriff runs into Sam in The Blue Whale. He asks if Sam has seen Roger Collins. The sheriff leaves, and Sam calls Collinwood from the pay phone.  Roger answers, and Sam wants to know what's happening. He tells Roger that he needs to show him something; something strange that he doesn't understand. Roger agrees to meet him.

Carolyn comes downstairs and tells Roger all the things she's doing for Laura. She asks Roger if he thinks Burke is still interested in Laura. She's troubled to think her aunt might be her competition. She and Roger leave at the same time.

The Sheriff calls Collinwood, but no one answers.

Burke bumps into Sam at The Blue Whale and joins him. Burke says he likes Sam because he has a conscience. Burke tells Sam he originally needed his testimony. With Laura's arrival, he doesn't need him anymore, and he says he wouldn't want Maggie to suffer if Sam goes to jail. He invites Sam to come over to the 'winning side'.

Roger walks in, and Burke asks if he has a minute. He invites Roger to sit down, and he reluctantly agrees to join Burke and Sam. Burke congratulates Roger on his good fortune, and wishes him luck on his reconciliation with his wife. Roger advises Burke to stay away from Laura. He implies that Burke's pressure could send her back to the institution for life. Burke says that she won't crack.

Roger gets up to leave, and Burke follows him. He tells him that Laura came back for a divorce, to get David, and to leave. He says she told him herself. Roger surprises Burke by telling her that she's staying at Collinwood. Carolyn drops in, and Roger asks her to tell Burke why she's in town. She explains she's picking up her aunt's things. Roger leaves, followed by Sam.

Burke appears dejected, and Carolyn sits down with him and forces a conversation on him.

The sheriff speaks to someone about a teletype report from Phoenix, and mentions that he's still trying to find Roger Collins.

Roger and Sam arrive at Sam's house together. Roger asks what Sam wanted to show him. Sam first asks what Laura wants, and Roger says she wants David, and that's what's most important to her. Sam goes to show Roger his latest painting. Roger is completely disinterested, and Sam begins to pontificate about his work on this latest painting. Sam unveils the painting, and Roger is shocked that it's Laura in flames, with an empty space for a figure in the foreground. Roger calls him a drunken fool and storms out. Sam picks up a brush and throws it down.

Burke takes another drink, not even looking at Carolyn. He's clearly preoccupied. He says he can't believe Laura would share a room with Roger, and Carolyn explains that she's staying in Matthew's cottage—not with Roger. Burke kisses her hand.

The sheriff arrives at Collinwood, and Roger lets him in. He tells Roger that the Phoenix police department just sent him a teletype report that the burned body of Laura Collins was found.

Our thoughts

John: Yikes! Carolyn is even jealous of Laura's beauty. Just when Carolyn thought she had cornered the market on Burke Devlin, a new threat emerges.

Christine: Roger's interaction with Burke when he tells him that Laura is staying at Collinwood was quite delightful.

John: That empty space in Sam's painting sure seems destined to be filled with a portrait of David...

Christine: That certainly is an odd blank space. Sam's painting has gone through quite a transformation. Is Laura unclothed? No wonder Roger seemed so shocked.

John: So for anyone who the barrage of phoenix symbolism has been lost on, I wonder what they would make of Laura's burned body showing up in Arizona—AFTER her arrival in Collinwood.

Christine: How will she explain that when the Sheriff comes to call? There is some fine camera work on display in today's episode.

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