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Episode 141 - 1/9/67

Vicki finds David up early downstairs drawing pictures of a phoenix surrounded by fire, burning itself alive. Laura arrives and asks Vicki if she could let David forget his schoolwork for the day so they can spend a whole day together. Vicki leaves, and Laura asks David what he would like to do. He says he wants to take her to a secret place. He asks if she believes in ghosts.

Vicki drops in to visit Maggie. Maggie asks how things are up at Collinwood, and Vicki mentions that she may have to leave soon. She explains that Laura might be taking David away. Maggie says Laura Collins is the biggest news in town since Matthew Morgan. Maggie asks how Roger is reacting to Laura's return, if he's nervous or under some kind of pressure. She explains that she's worried about her Dad, as she thinks he was somehow involved with Laura at some point. She asks Vicki if she thinks that David is the only reason Laura returned, and Vicki says yes. Maggie feels that Laura Collins is behind the strange things that she's been noticing.

David takes his mother to the old house. She seems uncomfortable there, but goes along. David points out the portrait of Josette. He calls to Josette and asks for her to appear. Laura suggests they go back to the house. David realizes that ghosts don't appear in front of groups of people. He suggests that if he leaves her alone, the ghost might appear. He runs outside and Laura watches as Josette's portrait begins to glow.

Josette's portrait continues to glow until the front door opens and David returns. He asks if she appeared, and Laura says she did not. As they leave, the portrait begins to glow once more.

Vicki asks Maggie about the mysterious things she's been noticing. Maggie describes her early encounters with Laura, and how oddly her father reacted to news of this stranger. Maggie describes how he was drinking more, and that he started painting a weird picture. Vicki asks what it all has to do with Laura, and Maggie shows her the painting.

Maggie and Vicki stare at the painting when Sam arrives. He asks why his painting is uncovered, and begins to yell at Maggie. He pours himself a drink, and asks Vicki to swear not to tell anyone she saw his painting.

Laura and David sit in front of the fireplace in the drawing room. David shows her the picture he drew of the phoenix. She loves it. He said he loved her story of the phoenix. She speaks of going far, far away, and having David visit her there.

Sam stares into the portrait of Laura.

Our thoughts

John: We almost get a Josette sighting... and it's clear that Laura is none too thrilled about the idea of mingling with ghosts. Perhaps she has a history?

Christine: David told Vicki that he has ways of finding out if his mother loves him before he took her to the Old House. Perhaps Laura was worried his ghostly friends may know what she intends for him. I am wondering how Liz will feel about Vicki giving herself the day off so that David could play hooky with his mom.

John: Sam gets over the fact that Maggie showed Vicki the painting pretty quickly - impressive considering he hadn't yet finished his first drink. I'm surprised he believed that she won't tell anyone about the painting, as I expect that's going to be hard to do in the days to come.

Christine: Maggie asks Vicki why Sam would paint Laura the way he did and she says she doesn't know. I'm surprised she did not make any connection to the Phoenix story she overheard Laura tell David the night before, or his drawing from that morning, or the fire in Phoenix, or the dream David had of his mother surrounded by flames. Also, he already showed it to Roger, so what's the big secret?

John: How come no one has pointed out the empty spot that looks like it's waiting for David's portrait in the painting?

Christine: Or the big wings sprouting from her back, or the flames, or her apparent lack of clothes...

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