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Episode 136 - 1/2/67

Roger paces in the drawing room until there's a knock at the front door. He answers it, and it's Richard Garner and his son Frank. Roger tells the elder Garner he wants him to start divorce proceedings from his wife immediately. He then says he's in the worst trouble of his entire life. He asks how soon he can get a divorce. Frank asks what the cause for the divorce is. Roger says it can be whatever he wants. All Laura wants is custody of David. Richard asks how Liz feels about this. Since he's her lawyer, he can't do anything against her wishes. Roger calls Vicki and asks her to keep Frank company.

Roger tells Richard he needs his advice. Burke wants to re-open the trial of 10 years ago, and he thinks he'll get Laura to change her testimony. He wants to give her the divorce and custody of David, and send her on her way. Richard says Frank will handle the divorce, and that he has some news.

Frank shares the news with Vicki that they're opening a branch in Collinsport, and he'll be moving there so they'll be able to spend more time together, assuming she's not leaving. He mentions that when Laura takes David, she would be out of a job. She tells him she doesn't want to leave, but she admits that it might be best for David.

Sam continues work on his portrait. He covers the canvas when he hears a car pull up. It's Maggie home early. She asks if she can see his masterpiece, and he barks at her. She asks if he's keeping secrets from her, and he denies it. She asks what Laura Collins is to him. He said he knew her before she was married, and after she married she left his social sphere. She says she thinks he's afraid of Laura, and of course he denies it.

Richard says he thinks Roger is hiding something about the old manslaughter charge. He asks why he's in a panic now that Laura is back. Roger downplays it, but Richard suggests that he wouldn't call him out in the middle of the night for nothing.

As Frank and his father leave, Vicki tells Roger that Frank said David would be leaving. Roger confirmed her concern that they might no longer need her services. She tells Roger she's concerned about David, and his current fascination with fire.

Sam talks about painting fire, and then suggests Maggie go to bed. She does, and Sam throws down another drink before leaving the house. Maggie hears him leave, and then sneaks a peek at the painting he's working on.

Roger says that David will be fine with his mother. He suggests that Vicki can help convince David to spend time with his mother. Vicki heads upstairs to bed.

Maggie is sitting, staring at the portrait when her father returns. She says she saw the painting, and asked why he would paint such a thing. He says he doesn't know why - but he's compelled to work on it, despite being terrified.

Our thoughts

John: So we not only got an excuse to get Frank Garner back into town, but to keep him there full time.

Christine: What will this mean for his relationship with Vicki Winters?

John: Richard starts to press Roger on the events of 10 years ago, but drops it quickly. Of course, he also tells Roger that he ultimately will defer to Liz's wishes.

Christine: Roger tells Vicki he'll try and work out some arrangement so she won't lose her job if David should leave with his mother. I wonder if he'll follow through, and if so, what she'll be offered.

John: It's not clear why Sam's portrait remains a mystery, now that Maggie has seen it - what - three times now?

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