Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Episode 153 - 1/25/67

Lieutenant Riley arrives at Collinwood with the reports from Phoenix. He provides a record of Laura's blood type, showing it as matching the victim of the fire. He then shares her dental records matching those made by the medical examiner. As a result, the Phoenix police have identified the body as Laura Collins. The lieutenant says he has to follow through on the reports, and needs to talk to Laura. Roger calls the cottage to let her know they're coming to see her.

Frank and Vicki have dinner at The Blue Whale. She begins talking about David, and how she's happy that he's warming up to his mother. Frank asks if she trusts Laura, and Vicki explains that she wants David to be happy.

In Laura's cottage, Roger asks her how it feels to be a dead woman. She's not amused, and he explains the Phoenix police department have confirmed that she died in the fire. Riley shares the dental records and blood type. Roger then asks her a few questions. She confirms Roger wanted to name David, 'Charles Andrew', and correctly names their old address, as well as the name of their family dog. Riley doesn't dispute that the woman in Collinwood is Laura Collins, but he does ask her again if she has any other information that might help them identify the woman in Phoenix. He then asks if she would allow for a physical examination. Laura reluctantly agrees. Liz escorts the lieutenant back to the house, and Roger tells Laura that he and Liz are puzzled, in that they think she knows more about the woman in Phoenix than she's saying. He tells her that if she decides she has more to say, he'll be at the house waiting for her.

Frank drives Vicki back to Collinwood. Vicki falls into a trance, and when Frank snaps her out of it, she says she can smell Jasmine, and she asks him to take the next road. He goes along with her directions, despite Vicki not knowing where she's taking them.

In the drawing room, Liz says she's sure the mysterious things going on all began with Laura's return to Collinwood.

Vicki tells Frank they're almost there, and then commands him to stop. She points out a house, and Frank notices gravestones beyond the house.

Roger says Liz has it in for Laura because she wants David. Liz wants her to leave.

Vicki runs to the door of the house and knocks on it. Frank finally catches up to her. She tells him she's supposed to be here. Frank says it's not a house. He claims it's some sort of chapel, and there won't be anyone here so late at night. Vicki says she hears footsteps. She then says she can feel there's someone behind the door, and the doorknob turns and opens.

Our thoughts

John: So the evidence linking Laura Collins to the body in Phoenix grows stronger, but it's not clear what a physical examination of Laura will prove. That she too matches the dental records?

Christine: She may engage in a fireside meditation that allows her a way out of a physical exam.

John: The sound effects team got to dust off the frog track today.

Christine: It seems as though Josette may have crashed Vicki's date with Frank. I wonder what she wants them to discover.

John: I'm anxious to find out about this new location Vicki has taken us to. Where could it be, and what does it have to do with the Collins family?

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