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Episode 146 - 1/16/67

While Laura stares into the fireplace, Sam Evans dozes off with a lit cigarette. Sam drops the cigarette onto a pile of newspaper and it starts to burn.

Liz walks in and calls out to Laura, who doesn't respond to her, as she remains transfixed by the fire in the fireplace.

The fire grows, and Sam wakes, calling Maggie. He burns his hand, and Maggie comes in and stomps it out. He says, "She burned my hand."

Liz asks Laura what's wrong. Laura explains that her mind was somewhere else; it happens when she stares into fire. Liz describes Laura's expression as frightening.

Maggie calls a doctor to come and check on her dad. Sam says he won't be able to hold a brush for a long time. He then says, "She said she'd get me, and she kept her word." Maggie says it's his own fault, and Sam claims he never fell asleep with a lit cigarette before. Maggie blames it on alcohol. She says that he blames everything on the unknown, when she sees exactly what his problem is. He says a whole chain of events proves Laura Collins is responsible. He says she threatened him. Maggie asked if she snuck in and lit the newspapers on fire.

Liz suggests it's time they take a look at where they stand. Laura thinks she's doing well, and Liz says she doesn't think she's making any progress at all. Liz says that David is afraid of her. He's had nightmares every night since she returned to Collinwood. Laura says she needs more help, that David should be encouraged to spend more time with her, and that the painting should be removed from the house. Liz says she knows Sam's style and she can't understand why he'd paint such a painting. Laura mentions that she visited Sam to ask him just that. She also mentions that she doesn't have much time to work things out with David.

Liz asks what she means when Roger walks in. Liz explains her thoughts to Roger, and he disagrees. Laura blames that painting, and Roger says he'll take it away. Laura also says Sam has started another painting, and Roger says he's going to Sam's to put a stop to it. There's a knock at the door, and he gets up to answer it. It's Maggie Evans, who's come to speak to Laura.

Roger says he was just going to see Sam, and she says it's not a good time. She explains that he burned his hands. She says that her father is convinced that Laura started the fire. Laura says that's absurd, and Maggie agrees. Roger says he'll take care of it and leaves. Maggie says her father sees Laura as some sort of threat. Laura does confirm that she told him to stop. Liz asks what she threatened to do. Laura said she would send Roger to deal with it.

Roger arrives at Sam's to get to the bottom of things. Roger asks if the cigarette and newspaper getting together were responsible, and Sam says yes, but that it was Laura who made them get together. Roger asks about the new portrait of Laura. He walks over to the canvas and points out that it's already been destroyed. Sam is shocked to see the painting is burned. He exclaims that the painting wasn't anywhere near the fire.

Our thoughts

John: Unlike last Friday's episode, where Sam's lit cigarette landed on the couch, today's starts out with Sam dropping the cigarette on a stack of newspapers. I guess they realized that if the couch he was on caught fire, he'd likely be burned on more than just his hands.

Christine: Sam will have a difficult time getting anyone to believe that Laura was responsible. A drunk smoking on the couch who awakens to put out the fire with his bare hands probably doesn't need any supernatural interference to do himself harm.

John: Liz wastes no time making her case for keeping David at Collinwood. She seems to be aware that something strange is afoot as far as Laura is concerned.

Christine: Liz is looking for the first excuse not to let Laura have David. She wants him to stay on as the heir to Collinwood. Roger is determined that nothing gets in the way of Laura taking the boy off his hands. I agree with Liz that Laura's expression is frightening!

John: Roger always gets excited when an opportunity to bully Sam arises.

Christine: I wonder if only the one painting burned or if they both did. If Laura truly has supernatural powers, you'd think she'd be able to destroy them both. She tells Liz that she doesn't have much time, and the second painting Sam did makes her look old and ready for a new cycle of rebirth. If that is so, then what's the deal with the fire in Phoenix?

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