Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Episode 87 - 10/25/66

Vicki remains trapped upstairs.

In the foyer, Roger looks at the time on the grandfather clock. It's 1am. Carolyn arrives home. Roger asks if she thinks Vicki might be visiting her artist friend. Carolyn barks that she's sure that's not where she is, since Maggie is entertaining Joe Haskell. She runs upstairs, angry.

Joe tells Maggie stories of his seafaring adventures. She's clearly enamored with him. Maggie says they have one thing in common—boats. Joe quizzes her to confirm this. He's pretty impressed by how much she knows. Maggie talks about her father blowing $15,000 he earned selling paintings 10 years ago, saying she could have used that to partner with him. Joe starts signing Bill's favorite shanty.

Roger fixes himself a drink. She tells him that she was with Burke earlier. Carolyn explains that she ran into Burke and Sam at the Blue Whale. Roger isn't thrilled to hear they were together. Vicki comes back up in conversation, and when the comparison to Bill's disappearance to Vicki's, Carolyn is worried. Roger sends her to bed and says he's waiting up for her.

At 2:15am, Joe decides it's time to leave. He gives her a kiss on the cheek on his way out.

Roger shuts off the light in the drawing room, grabs a flashlight, and opens a secret panel. He goes in and closes it behind him. Carolyn comes downstairs and can't find her uncle.

Roger explores the closed off portion of the house with the flashlight.

Vicki tries to sleep, wrapped in a blanket.

Roger ascends a spiral staircase.

Vicki hears a door open and calls out to David.

Roger hears Vicki. He sees the key outside her door and picks it up. Vicki asks who's out there. Roger topples something to make a noise, and then raps on the door with an old cane. He then masks his voice and calls out for Victoria to leave Collinwood.

He opens the door and expresses thanks that he found her. Vicki says that David locked her in the room. Vicki said she saw a ghost. She said it was Bill Malloy, and he warned her to leave Collinwood.

Our thoughts

John: Is it really 1am when Carolyn arrives home? And when Maggie and Joe are having coffee after dinner? Are we not supposed to be able to tell the time on that clock?

Christine: It looks like you got the times right. Everyone is staying out late on a stormy night.

John: Man, how long was that uncomfortable pause before Joe finally leaned in and kissed Maggie on the cheek?

Christine: Well, first he had to think about whether he should kiss her or not, and then had to decide on the cheek or lips, but being the good guy that he is, and being unsure if he's officially broken with Carolyn yet, he went for the cheek, which says he's interested, but he's not a dog. 

John: Am I the only one who was waiting for Roger to turn into Don Knotts in The Ghost and Mr. Chicken when exploring the closed off portion of the house? And then he turns out to be an evil jerk, trying to scare Vicki into leaving Collinwood before rescuing her.

Christine: Here it is only Tuesday and she's already been rescued. I'm surprised Roger didn't leave her in there to stew another day just to be sure she wouldn't want to stay at Collinwood any longer, though he is a very bad man to have done what he did to scare her. How interesting to learn there is a hidden panel that leads to the closed off portion of the house. That could come in handy. I wonder if Roger is the only one to know about it.

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  1. I think Roger is gilding the lily by doing that. If Vicky hasn't ALREADY decided to leave Collinwood after being locked in a secret room by her charge....