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Dark Shadows Episode 1047 6/30/70

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Barnabas promises Carolyn he will send Angelique back to her grave. She goes upstairs and he opens the secret panel to find the woman missing. Julia arrives and asks him what happened. She explains that she was just with Angelique and suddenly she could hardly stand. Barnabas says that the woman is gone, and he thinks Stokes has her. He asks Julia to find out if he does. He says he'll search the grounds and then check the mausoleum. He tells her to be careful, because they might suspect her.

She leaves, and before he does, Carolyn comes downstairs. She says Will died protecting his secret. Barnabas says he died protecting Quentin and Maggie. Carolyn says that he shouldn't have died for them. She says it's not worth it. Barnabas says that if Will's death has any meaning at all, it is to destroy Angelique. She apologizes, but says she loved Will, and he loved her in his own way. He suggests that she get some rest. He says he has to know she'll be alright, because he has something important to do. She says she won't betray him. Nothing matters to her anymore. She sends him away, telling him he's protected by her indifference.

At Collinwood, Stokes is on the phone with Claude North, asking if Roxanne is with him. He asks North to use his special psychic sympathy to find out where she is. He then asks North to meet him in their usual place. He adds that they have extraordinary enemies. He leaves Collinwood and runs into Julia. She says Angelique is very weak, and asks if he's found the girl. He says he may know where she is, and Julia offers to help. He says he'll let her know when he has more information.

Roxanne wanders through the woods near the cemetery. She hears someone approaching and hides behind a tree. Barnabas appears with a flashlight, and walks past her.

Stokes approaches the Collins family crypt, and then ducks behind it. Barnabas approaches the crypt and enters. Stokes comes out, wondering what brought Barnabas there.

Inside, Barnabas enters the secret room.

Stokes realizes that Barnabas knows too much. He assumes he has Roxanne in the room.

Barnabas lights the candles. He realizes that someone has been there and cleaned things up. He wonders if the woman had returned. He also notices that the dagger is gone. He looks around and finds a cufflink with the monogram "CN." He realizes it belongs to Claude North.

Carolyn is drinking in the old house when she is frightened by Stokes standing outside her window. He knocks on the door and she lets him in. He explains he was passing by, and wanted to extend his condolences.

She tells him she's very busy, and he offers to refill her drink. He says he always felt Will's talents were far beyond the ordinary. He mentions the influence of Barnabas on his life. He says the new Barnabas Collins also influenced his life, refilling her drink again. She says she doesn't know him that well. Stokes asks why a man with such talent and a beautiful wife destroy himself. He says he thinks someone else must be behind it, and presses her on that. She says he's right.

Barnabas returns and asks if Stokes is paying a social call at this hour. Stokes says he wanted to extend his condolences. Stokes says they both have a taste for nocturnal activities. He adds that he took a shortcut through the cemetery tonight, and saw him there. Barnabas says he was in the cemetery, and bids Stokes goodnight. Stokes says that when he mentioned him to Will the other night, Will suggested that he might have a girl somewhere. Stokes asks Barnabas if he has a girl somewhere, and Barnabas reminds him that he bid him goodnight. Stokes leaves. Barnabas tells Carolyn to go upstairs to bed, but instead, she runs out of the house.

Carolyn arrives at Collinwood looking for Will. She goes upstairs.

Barnabas tells Julia to tell Stokes that she searched the basement of Will's house and found nothing. They wonder who has the girl. Barnabas says he's returning to the mausoleum. He thinks she's going there, or Claude North is bringing her there. He tells Julia to go to Collinwood to find Carolyn.

Carolyn looks out the window where Will jumped to his death. She cries. 

Quentin finds her and tells her that she shouldn't be up there. She asks what's going to happen to all of them. She says that she's too powerful, even though Barnabas is powerful. He asks what she's talking about, and Carolyn tells him that Alexis is Angelique. She says she's dead, but alive. He says she's drunk, and that he destroyed Angelique himself. He tells her to leave. Carolyn brings up her mother, and then says she'll leave. She says his secret is safe with her.

Barnabas returns to the mausoleum, and enters the secret room. He hears someone, and finds the woman outside. He closes the secret room door and finds her kneeling at a grave. Barnabas reads the name—Claude North, who died in 1866.

Our thoughts

John: That was a pretty cheesy-looking "CN" prop cufflink to establish Claude North's presence in the mausoleum. What I don't get, is with Barnabas back and forth to the mausoleum every ten minutes, how did he not run into him when he was scheduled to meet Stokes there 30 minutes after their phone call?

Christine: Well, it seems he is dead, so perhaps he can flit about undetected easily. I'm wondering if he's the one who taught Stokes how to resurrect his stepdaughter and donated Roxanne to do it, though I'm especially curious to know why he's living in the secret room of the mausoleum.

John: Carolyn realizes that Stokes is related to Angelique, right? I mean, even drunk she has to be aware that he's more of a threat to her than Barnabas.

Christine: At the time she did not seem to have much concern for her own well being. I thought she was going to take a dive through the window herself today, so it was a surprise to see Quentin show up at the eleventh hour and remove that possibility. I think her newfound recreation may end up shortening her lifespan one way or another.

John: Did Quentin just confess to Angelique's murder? Or was he referring to destroying what he thought was her body? And would drunk Carolyn appreciate the difference? Sadly, I doubt she'll remember that he said it in the first place.

Christine: I think he was referring to destroying her body, but I believe Carolyn thinks he confessed to the murder, since she seemed relieved to know her mother wasn't responsible, as she had thought.

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