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Dark Shadows Episode 1033 6/10/70

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At the old house, Barmanas calls for Will. He opens the passage to the secret room, not realizing that Julia is watching him from the window.

Julia wonders what's inside the secret room, and decides to come back later when Barnabas is out of the house.

Barnabas decides if he finds whose hiding Maggie he'll use his cane on them.

Maggie tries to pick the lock on her cell door, but is unsuccessful. She realizes that she can't give up and tries again.

Elizabeth and Sabrina arrive back at Cyrus' lab. Elizabeth invites her for dinner, and Sabrina declines the invitation, and thanks her for taking her to a concert. Elizabeth tells her that Cyrus will be back soon. She says she doesn't understand young people... Maggie running off... Cyrus going away. Yaeger shows up and bids them good evening. Elizabeth asks who he is, because they haven't met. Sabrina introduces him. He adds that he's a close associate of Cyrus. He and Elizabeth exchange pleasantries. She then tells them goodnight, and tells Sabrina that she'll let her know if she hears from Maggie.

Yaeger asks Sabrina what they were doing in the lab. She says she left her purse in the lab, referring to him as Cyrus. He grabs her and tells her never to call him that name.

He opens the safe and takes out some cash. He then opens up his wardrobe, and tells her to send his clothes to New York. He writes a check for her to use to get a certified check for John Yaeger. She points out that it's his whole account. She asks him not to do it. He asks if she'll miss him, or just the good doctor. He adds that Cyrus is never coming back, and leaves.

Julia serves Elizabeth tea. Julia asks if she has seen Barnabas. Elizabeth says he's out searching for Maggie. Julia says she wonders why Quentin didn't check Barnabas' background more thoroughly. Elizabeth reminds her that he is a member of the Collins family, and the name means integrity. Julia leaves, and Liz dozes off. She has a dream of Cyrus' lab. She and Sabrina are there, and papers are strewn about. Sabrina screams when she sees Maggie's dead body in the room with them. Elizabeth bolts awake. She leaves the house, not telling Julia where she's going.

Maggie continues to work on the lock, ultimately getting it to open. Just outside the door, Yaeger stops her and says he hopes she's not thinking of leaving. He says she's a liar and hypocrite. She says she heard someone upstairs, thought it was him, and when she tried the door it was open. He picks up the device she used to pick the lock. He grabs a rope and says he'll cure her restlessness. He ties her hands and she pleads with him. He doesn't realize that Sabrina is just outside the door, listening to Maggie's pleas. She begs Yaeger not to hurt Quentin.

In the old house, Elizabeth asks Barnabas if he found any trace of Maggie. He says he didn't realize she also though she was missing. Elizabeth tells him she had a dream. She was in Cyrus' lab with Sabrina, where they found Maggie's dead body. Elizabeth says that maybe it's because they saw John Yaeger there. Elizabeth asks if he thinks there's a connection between Yaeger and Maggie's disappearance. He says he's going to find out.

Yaeger tells Maggie that she can yell all she wants, as no one will hear them. He kisses her against her will.

Sabrina hears a struggle and leaves.

Yaeger puts Maggie in her bed, and goes outside the room. He doesn't see anyone, but he finds the check he made out for Sabrina. He realizes that she followed him, and knows about Maggie.

Barnabas searches Cyrus' lab for clues. He sees clothes in a wardrobe that must be Yaeger's because he decides they wouldn't belong to Cyrus. He realizes that there's a connection between the two men, and it might lead him to Maggie.

Sabrina arrives at Collinwood and calls for Quentin or Elizabeth. No one comes, so she picks up the phone and starts to dial. She's grabbed from behind by Yaeger, who throws her into the drawing room and closes the door behind them.

She asks him why he's there, and he asks her the same. She says she came to see Elizabeth. He stops her and asks if she's going to the bank with his check. She says she was, and it's in a safe place, locked in a drawer in the lab. He pulls out the check and says he found it on the stairway to the basement. She asks what he's going to do, and he says she knows. She asks what he's planning to do to Maggie. She then realizes he's going to kill her. She calls him Cyrus, and Yaeger says there's not a trace of Cyrus in him, and starts choking her.

Elizabeth walks in as he drops Sabrina's unconscious body on the ground.

Our thoughts

John: Since when is Barnabas' cane all-powerful? I guess they had to set expectations how he'd be able to take out someone like John Yaeger...

Christine: I expect they are setting us up to find out who has a bigger cane. I thought we were going to lose Barnabas as he tripped on his way out of the Old House.

John: Did anyone else do a spit-take when Elizabeth claimed that the Collins name means integrity? We've yet to visit that particular time band.

Christine: The Collins family likes to maintain their illusions no matter the time band.

John: When are women going to learn that there's no lying to John Yaeger. At least Maggie is somewhat safe in that he loves her... Sabrina, on the other hand, might not live through the week.

Christine: I think the fact that Yaeger loves Maggie makes her less safe, but I suppose it's a matter of perspective.

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