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Dark Shadows Episode 1034 6/11/70

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Elizabeth walks into the drawing room to find Yaeger standing over Sabrina's body. He approaches her, saying she's next, but she backs out of the room and locks the door. She tries the phone but it's been pulled out of the wall. Julia comes downstairs and Elizabeth tells her to call the police; that she saw Yaeger kill Sabrina.

Yaeger realizes that he must go to the lab and switch back to Cyrus.

Julia and Elizabeth hear glass breaking. Elizabeth says he'll try to break into the house, as he was trying to kill her. Julia says she's sure he's gone. She confirms that Sabrina is dead. Julia says she'll go call the police from the old house. She tells Elizabeth to get a gun and keep it, and she'll be alright. Elizabeth opens a drawer and pulls out a pistol.

Julia calls the police from the old house. She explains that the murderer is John Yaeger. As she goes to leave, she realizes that no one is home, and she can scope out the secret room Barnabas went into. She pulls the bookcase open and goes inside. She sees a coffin, and without hesitation, she opens it. It's empty. She closes the lid and wonders why he would keep a coffin.

She leaves the secret room, and closes the bookcase panel. As she's leaving, Barnabas enters. She tells him that Yaeger murdered Sabrina at Collinwood.

Yaeger arrives at the lab and opens the safe. He drinks the last of the antidote as the police pound on his laboratory door.

He puts on his lab coat and opens the door. The detective asks what took him so long, and he says he was upstairs in his sleeping quarters. He says he's looking for Yaeger. Cyrus says he's out of town, and asks why he's looking for him. The detective says murder. Of another one of his employees. Cyrus says Sabrina was his fiancee. He breaks down. The detective says he thought Yaeger might come back to the lab. Cyrus says it's been a dreadful shock. He agrees Yaeger should be caught. He tells the detective where Yaeger took rooms. He says he'd work for him as a chemist when he was in town. Cyrus starts to say something, and hesitates. He then asks where the murder took place, and he says it was Collinwood. Cyrus says he'll call if he sees Yaeger. The detective says he'll station an officer outside in case he returns, and warns Cyrus that he's a madman.

Barnabas asks Elizabeth if anyone has notified Cyrus. She says the police sent someone, but he's out of town. Barnabas asks her why Yaeger and Sabrina were there. She says she doesn't know. He asks if she knew Yaeger had threatened Maggie. He says he's sure Maggie is somehow involved in all this. He wonders where she is. He escorts Elizabeth to the old house.

Maggie struggles with her ankles and wrists tied. She rolls out of bed and crawls to the wall where she tries to wear through her bindings.

Cyrus worries that Maggie must be found. He decides to call Barnabas.

Barnabas hangs up with the sheriff, and says that Cyrus is back. The phone rings and it's Cyrus. He tells him he knows where Maggie is. He says Yaeger has her imprisoned in the basement of the Wicks farm. Barnabas asks how he knows. Cyrus pauses, and says that he can't say, but he has to hurry because Yaeger may be on his way.

Cyrus realizes that he has no explanation for how he knew where Maggie was. Cyrus reaches into a drawer and pulls out a pistol. He says goodbye to John Yaeger, and brings the gun up to his head. He drops it, struggling...

Julia can't believe Maggie is a prisoner of Yaeger. Elizabeth says she can't understand how Cyrus knew. She's worried about Barnabas. Julia says she doesn't think Yaeger will be there. Elizabeth says she's going to tell the police.

Maggie gets out of her restraints, and is able to get out through the open door. She hears someone upstairs and returns to her cell. She hears footsteps coming downstairs, and hides in the wardrobe. Barnabas comes in and finds Maggie's brush. He looks around the room, and leaves.

Maggie hears the footsteps going upstairs and leaving. She comes out of the wardrobe, and sneaks out of the cell. She sees Yaeger on the stairs and screams. He asks if she thought he forgot about her, and jumps down and grabs her.

Our thoughts

John: I wonder why Yaeger didn't just open one of the full windows in the drawing room and step outside... instead requiring someone to locate a glass-breaking sound effect.

Christine: How would Julia have known that it was safe to enter the drawing room and claim he was miles away if she hadn't heard the sound of glass breaking? The bandage on his hand would seem to indicate he broke the window bare handed.

John: Good to know that in parallel Collinwood, there's also a gun in a drawer in the drawing room. And maybe not just Collinwood, but all of Collinsport! Of course Cyrus wasn't fast enough on the draw to take out Yaeger...

Christine: I found it interesting that parallel Collinwood has an ambulance to remove the dead and that they don't receive same day burial as they do in the original band of time. I am confused by how much Cyrus can remember of Yaeger's actions. He seemed surprised to hear that he killed Sabrina, yet he knew exactly where to tell Barnabas to find Maggie.

John: Oh, come on. There's no way Barnabas wouldn't call Maggie's name as soon as he set foot in the farmhouse... I'm sure it's all just a big setup for his rescuing Maggie tomorrow.

Christine: Exactly what I was thinking. Maggie also should have realized that Yaeger would have been yelling and making a fuss to find her gone, but we'll chalk her lack of observance up to being traumatized. Pop the popcorn and break out the pop-up bar, and hope we're in for a good cane fight tomorrow!

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