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Dark Shadows Episode 969 3/12/70

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Jeb kisses Carolyn. He then turns and walks to the window. Carolyn asks why he's so nervous. He tells her that he's never been married before. They kiss again. Elizabeth enters with the reverend, and tells him to stand near the fireplace. Jeb goes into the foyer to get flowers for Carolyn, and then they line up in front of the reverend. He begins the ceremony. They exchange rings and the reverend declares them married. Elizabeth cries, and suggests a champagne toast. Jeb pours the drink.

Elizabeth asks how long they plan to be away, as she wants to fix up the carriage house for them. Carolyn says she doesn't even know where they're going, and Jeb says far, far away. Elizabeth asks if they'll be gone a week or ten days. Jeb says he doesn't believe in timetables and plans. He says when they get tired with wherever they go, they'll return. Julia comes downstairs and Jeb invites her to join them to celebrate their nuptials. Julia hugs Carolyn, and tells Jeb to take care of her. Carolyn toasts her husband. Elizabeth says Julia must be surprised, and she says she is. Jeb adds that there will be many shocked faces around the estate tonight.

Barnabas comes up from the basement of the old house and finds Sky in his house. Sky asks Barnabas if he knows how much he hates him.

He then asks about Angelique. Barnabas explains that they are not friends. Sky says that he knows the two of them are enemies. He says she's the only one who can help him, and Barnabas must convince her. He says Barnabas is responsible for what happened to him, and shows him the bite marks on his neck. Barnabas realizes that it was Megan's doing.

Elizabeth collects everyone's champagne glasses, and Carolyn goes upstairs to change. Jeb revels in the fact that his marriage wasn't stopped. He thinks that Angelique was just trying to scare him with the shadow. He then sees the shadow on the wall and runs into the foyer and closes the doors behind him. He calls to Carolyn, screaming that they've got to get out of there.

Sky confirms that he was Megan's victim. He says Angelique's powers can help him. Barnabas says that he doesn't know where Angelique is. Barnabas says that they need to find Megan's coffin. Sky says it's somewhere in the East Wing of Collinwood. Julia comes in to talk to Barnabas, and he tells Sky that he'll bring Julia up to speed, and he is to see her tomorrow.

He leaves, and Julia tells Barnabas that Jeb and Carolyn got married.

Carolyn tells her mother that she will call. Jeb thinks about the shadow, which he hopes to escape. He takes Carolyn and the two leave. Elizabeth picks up a box of rice, realizing that they forgot to throw it...

Barnabas and Julia arrive at Collinwood, and Elizabeth says she's going to miss Carolyn. She says she needs to go look at the fire damage at the carriage house. Julia offers to help her. Elizabeth steps out, and Barnabas says that will allow him to search the East Wing. Julia asks how Jeb has survived if his true form was destroyed. Barnabas says they need to know if Jeb does anything to harm Carolyn before they do anything to him.

Jeb carries Carolyn over the threshold in a hotel room. Inside, they kiss.

Barnabas tells Julia that they must offer to give Megan the injections. Elizabeth comes in, and she invites Julia to join her at the carriage house. She asks Barnabas if he'd like to join them. He says he'll find himself a book and then go home. After they leave, he begins searching for Megan's coffin.

Jeb and Carolyn are in bed together. Carolyn is asleep, and Jeb gets up and turns on the light. The shadow appears and he screams. He wakes Carolyn, and he tells her they have to leave immediately.

Barnabas continues his search. He opens a door, but can't step into the room and can't understand why. He sees a photo of Quentin and David, inscribed by Quentin to his wife. He then sees Elizabeth enter the room. He calls to her but she doesn't acknowledge him. Julia comes in and aks her what she's doing. She says she's clearing out her clothes, and Julia tells her not to touch them, adding that it will always be her room. Elizabeth says that she's dead, and Julia counters that she'll be back. Elizabeth says the children will hear, and closes the door in front of Barnabas.  He's confused by what he saw. The door swings open, and he steps inside to see the room completely empty.

Elizabeth and Julia return. Barnabas comes downstairs and is surprised to see them. Elizabeth says it was a mess at the carriage house, and goes into the drawing room. Julia asks him if he found Megan's coffin. He tells her that he just saw she and Elizabeth in a room in the East Wing.

Our thoughts

John: Odd how the beginning of today's episode was so different than the end of yesterday's. It certainly didn't look like we were going to get an uneventful wedding ceremony.

Christine: I am shocked! Shocked to see Carolyn in bed with a half naked shell of a man on daytime TV in 1970! The realization that Carolyn has married an inhuman monster and all that entails is too horrible to ponder. If she has his baby, will it bear the Leviathan birthmark? I wonder how long before she becomes exasperated with being awoken in the middle of the night by her sniveling hubby and asked to bug out.

John: Is Jeb so dense that he didn't realize that his turning on light was going to create shadows. Duh! The smart thing to do would be turning out all the lights!

Christine: Megan either had to lug her own coffin into the East Wing or she happened upon one of the many coffins on the property that seem to be readily available when needed. No wonder the place is infested with vampires! The way they leave the unused portions of the house in such disarray must certainly encourage all manner of rodents and insects to inhabit the place as well. Can they not afford more servants to tidy up the place a bit?

John: So I guess we have gotten our first taste of parallel time. Not having experienced any of these episodes before, I don't know what to expect, though I imagine it will be all kinds of crazy keeping track of the characters across two timelines!

Christine: You seem to have a good grasp on what to expect. Buckle up! Many adventures await in parallel time!

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