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Dark Shadows Episode 869 - 10/23/69

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(For the duration of the Petofi/Quentin mind-swap, Count Petofi occupying Quentin as played by David Selby will be referred to as Petofi-Q, and Quentin in Petofi's body as played by Thayer David will be referred to as Count Quentin).

Edward, Petofi-Q and Barnabas arrive at the cave, and Petofi-Q goes in first. He calls for Aristede, but he's not present. Edward comes in and they see the chains off the coffin. Edward tells him to put the gun to Barnabas' heart, and tells him to fire if the coffin is empty. He opens the coffin and Barnabas is still lying inside with a stake in his heart. Barnabas looks at the dead vampire and says, "it's him," before collapsing. Edward and Petofi-Q stare at the staked body of Barnabas when the new Barnabas stirs. Edward says they shouldn't have brought him there. He tells Petofi-Q that he is a Collins, and they will take him to Collinwood and help him in any way they can.

In Collinwood, Charity places the portrait of Amanda on an easel in the drawing room. She sings and dances into the foyer. Trask comes in and reminds her that singing is forbidden in the house. He says he's her father, and she says she's not, and never will be. He says if she has no family, wouldn't she be happy somewhere else? He tells him that he can take it up with his wife if he doesn't want her there. She says that if he leaves her alone, she may not tell Judith about him.

He stomps into the drawing room and asks who's responsible for bringing the portrait into the house. Charity denies any knowledge, and asks him if it bothers him. She says he was carrying on with her while pretending to help her. Trask says the portrait was brought there to discredit him, and he'll find out who brought it, and make them pay.

Charity goes upstairs, and Edward and Petofi-Q return with Barnabas. Trask is shocked, and accuses them of bringing the vampire back from the dead. Barnabas asks who he is, and Edward says he will explain, and tells Petofi-Q to take Barnabas upstairs.

Trask asks if the man is Barnabas Collins. Edward says that it is Barnabas, but a different Barnabas than the vampire. Trask says it's the devil's work, and his presence in the house is a danger to all of them. Edward goes into the drawing room and sees Amanda's portrait. He tells Trask that he is callous and insensitive for bringing Amanda's portrait into the house. Trask says he was equally shocked to find it. He says there was nothing between he and the girl. Edward says that everyone, including the servants, knew there was something going on between Trask and Amanda, and if the servants know then it must be true. He tells Trask to remove the portrait before Judith sees it.

Barnabas thanks Petofi-Q for bringing him to the hosue. He tells Barnabas that since they're alone, he doesn't need to play act any more. He says he knows the full story, that he's the same Barnabas. Barnabas says he doesn't understand him at all. Petofi-Q says he's his friend, and he can tell him the truth. Petofi-Q says he understands why he didn't tell Edward about Angelique and Julia. He says they can work together to fight Petofi. Barnabas reiterates that everything he told them in the doctor's office was true. Petofi-Q says that perhaps he was wrong, and suggests that Barnabas get some rest.

Edward says that the portrait should be gone within a half hour. Trask says if anything happens to anyone in the house because of their bringing Barnabas in, Edward will be to blame. Edward says that Trask overlooked the fact that they brought Barnabas to the house in broad daylight, and goes upstairs to check on him.

Petofi-Q comes downstairs and sees Trask near the portrait of Amanda. Trask accuses Petofi-Q of bringing it into the house to embarrass him. Petofi-Q asks why it would embarrass him. Trask demands that he remove it. Petofi-Q says that it isn't his, so it would be inappropriate for him to take it. Trask says he will go to Tate to find out who had it. Petofi-Q suggests that he leave well enough alone.

Back in the cave, Petofi-Q opens the coffin and asks Barnabas if he's as dead as he seems. He says there's a connection between the one in the coffin and the one who walks during the day. He closes the coffin and pours gasoline on the coffin. Edward arrives and asks what he's doing. He says he's going to destroy the creature. He adds that he's interested to see how the desctruction will affect the new Barnabas. He lights the coffin on fire and they watch it burn.

Barnabas is asleep in his room when Trask comes in to see him. He approaches and Barnabas wakes. He introduces himself as a Reverend, and says he is concerned about him. Barnabas says he's not feeling any better. Trask offers him something to help sustain him through his trial, and holds up a crucifix. Banrabas doesn't react, and he asks the Reverend if something is wrong. Trask says he only brought it to help him pray for a swift recovery.

Edward explains to Charity that they found a man who looks like Barnabas, but he's not the Barnabas that she staked in the cave. She is clearly confused. Edward goes upstairs to check on him. Petofi-Q surprises Charity, and she tells him to open the drawing room doors or she'll scream. He tells her that he is just as frightened as she is. He tells her that she's the only one who can tell them if the man upstairs is the real Barnabas Collins. He says she owes it to Judith. She asks what he wants her to do. He says she just needs to look at the man upstairs and tell him if he's the same Barnabas that was there before.

Petofi-Q comes in to see Barnabas. He brings in Charity, who looks away from Barnabas. Petofi-Q tells her to look at him, and tell him if the man is the real Barnabas Collins. She reluctantly turns and looks at him.

Our thoughts

John: I love how Charity set up Trask by displaying the portrait of Amanda! And how Edward called out Trask by noting that even the servants knew there was something going on between he and Amanda. While I'm willing to believe the servants knew what was going on, I was surprised to find that they would have told Edward, particularly when you consider that at the time, Trask was technically the master of the house!

Christine: Trask may have been the master of the house, but I would expect the servants to remain loyal to Edward and the Collins family, especially since Trask is such a louse.

John: I'm just as anxious as Petofi-Q to understand more about this new Barnabas. Of course, I'm also curious why he's not in better health considering that his vampire master was destroyed, and now burned to a crisp!

Christine: I think that vampire master story is a ruse. Perhaps it was Julia's anti-vampire treatments that weakened him.

John: What will Charity/Pansy Faye see? Will she be able to discern between Barnabases?

Christine: Anything goes on a Friday, so it will be interesting to find out. I thought Barnabas appeared to be having difficulty hiding a look of animosity when first seeing Trask, but perhaps that's just what I wanted to see.

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