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Dark Shadows Episode 275 - 7/14/67

Liz lies in bed asleep, asking where Carolyn has gone. It sounds like a doctor had stopped by to give her some sort of tranquilizer. Liz is sure Carolyn hates her, despite not knowing the truth.

Meanwhile, Carolyn walks along the beach.

Carolyn returns home. Upstairs, Liz is asleep in bed when she enters. She wakes her mother, who is pleased to see her. She says she's home to stay. She said she needed time to think. She asks her mother what's the matter. She says the doctor gave her an injection to sleep. Carolyn apologizes for running out on her. She explains that she should have known that anything she did was in her best interests. She tells her mother that they'll get the best lawyers for the trial. Liz explains that she didn't kill Carolyn's father. She says Jason lied. The trunk buried in the basement was empty. Carolyn realizes that this means her father was still alive. Carolyn realizes that it's all over.

Carolyn brings her mother tea. Carolyn said she called the sheriff to get all the details. She mentions that it's odd realizing that her father may still be alive. Liz says that now that they're officially divorced, Paul has no hold over them. And Jason is gone.

At the old house, Jason closes the window he came in through. He looks around when Willie startles him. Willie tells him he's supposed to be out of town by sundown. Jason asks if Willie is threatening him. He tells Jason he's not safe if Barnabas finds him in the house. Jason says he can take care of Barnabas. He says he needs to find the jewels in the house that Willie brought to Barnabas the night before. Jason slaps Willie around and asks where the jewels are. Willie tells him the jewels are in the basement, and Jason lets him go. Jason says they're going there together, and Willie warns him that Barnabas is down there. He tells him that Barnabas isn't alive. He says that if Jason goes down there, Barnabas will kill him—or worse. They make their way to the basement, and Jason asks what the coffins are doing down there. He asks if that's where the jewels are, and starts to open one.

Willie stops him and says he'll get him jewels. Willie gives him a handful, and Jason says that's not enough. Willie says he doesn't have time to get the rest, and Jason calls him a liar.

He says he thinks they're in the coffin, and Willie says it's Barnabas' coffin. Willie gives up, and tells Jason to open the coffin.

Jason lifts the lid, and a hand reaches out, clutching his throat.

Our thoughts

John: Wait—your name isn't Victoria Winters. Carolyn reads today's opening narration, but fails to introduce herself...

Christine: This marks the transition from Vicki being the main character to Barnabas taking over that position. We'll have rotating narrators from now on, with narration done by someone who appears in the episode. Here's some information about the opening narration from The Dark Shadows Wiki:
Also beginning with 275, the opening narrations are not in character, but are in the third person. Barrett, for example, does not introduce the show as Carolyn Stoddard. This includes Moltke's narrations. When Moltke returns as narrator in 277, she does not begin by saying, "My name is Victoria Winters," but is also a third person narrator.
John: The chest that was in the old house when Jason broke in yesterday was gone today. Did the ghost of Josette run off with it?

Christine: It was either her or Sarah Collins or someone who realized that if it was left there Jason would grab it and never make his way down to the coffin room. 

John: Yes! Willie gets to relive his introduction to Barnabas through Jason. Willie all but calls Barnabas a vampire, but again, Jason's greed blinds him. I wonder if we'll see him get his just desserts come Monday.

Christine: Is there some reason Willie can not say the V-word? After Jason has slapped him around and abused him, I'm surprised Willie is still trying to protect the obnoxious lout. Feed him to the vampire! I can't imagine that Barnabas will allow Jason to live, now that he knows where he sleeps.

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