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Dark Shadows Episode 274 - 7/13/67

Jason makes his way through the woods to the old house.

Barnabas comes downstairs, and Willie tells him he was upstairs for a long time. Barnabas waxes poetic about time, and tells Willie the room upstairs cannot be vacant long. He tells him that he's already selected his next Josette. Willie says that Maggie Evans failed. Barnabas says he was too hasty. Maggie didn't possess Josette's tender qualities. He says he has made his next selection with great care. He tells Willie to grab his jewel chest so he can select a gift.

Jason approaches the house and peers in the window at Barnabas when Willie brings him the jewel chest. Barnabas fondles the pearls in the chest, and says the entire contents of the chest wouldn't buy the one he wants. He tells Willie that he's pleased he seems to be improving. He says he thought he might help Maggie escape.

Outside, it appears that Jason can hear them.

Willie realizes that Vicki is Barnabas' next target for Josette.

Jason is surprised to hear the conversation.

Willie walks through the woods when Jason taps him on the shoulder. He tells him he'll be moving on. Willie asks if he's getting married, and Jason said he had a change of plans. Willie says he knows him too well, and that his plans must have backfired. Jason asks Willie if he'd like to come along with him. Willie says he'd like to but he's doing alright here. Jason says he needs Willie to do him a favor. He needs a little to tide him over. He tells Willie to grab two handfuls from the chest of jewelry in the old house. Willie says he doesn't know what Jason is talking about, and Jason says he saw it himself. Jason then brings up Maggie Evans, poor thing, and what's about to happen to Vicki Winters. Jason tells Willie he knows what to do, and Willie agrees. He tells Jason he'll meet him tomorrow at noon, and Jason tells him to come to The Blue Whale then.

In The Blue Whale, Jason drinks at the bar when Vicki comes in. She asks the bartender if Carolyn has been in. He shakes his head when Jason comes forward and asks to talk to Vicki. She says she'd rather not, and that she's still looking for Carolyn. Vicki says Carolyn doesn't yet know the truth about her mother. Vicki tells Jason she ruined the life of a wonderful woman, who has been trapped for the last 18 years. Jason tells her she's living in a fantasy world. He asks her who she is, and where does she come from. He says he knows that she doesn't know the answers to those questions. He says he was around 18 years ago, and maybe he does know the answers. She asks what he knows, and he says whatever he knows he'll take with him when he leaves. She storms out of the bar.

Jason is sitting at a table in the bar when Willie shows up. Jason tells him to sit down for a farewell drink. They take a drink of the beers the bartender brings them, and Jason asks Willie what he's got. Willie says he's got what Jason wants. He asks to see it, and Willie gives him a single brooch. He says it's all he could manage, and Jason is angry with him. He tells Willie he can't let him down like that, and Willie reiterates that the one piece is all that he's getting.

Back at the old house, Jason breaks a window and sneaks in. He sees the jewelry box right where Willie had left it.

Our thoughts

John: Will the real Josette, please stand up? You'd think Barnabas might be more open to trying traditional dating techniques.

Christine: Barnabas has a fondness for young girls. I don't think traditional dating techniques would work out for him. Also, he seems to be really hung up on Josette, which makes it funny that the first thing he did when he got to the Old House was to assert she had no power there. He's a complicated vampire.

John: So Jason implies that he knows Vicki's history. Something tells me that mystery isn't going to be solved before Jason meets his final fate, which I have a hunch is fast approaching.

Christine: How would Jason know about Vicki's history unless Paul Stoddard were involved? Could this mean that Vicki is the illegitimate daughter of Paul Stoddard and Betty Hanscomb?

John: I had expected Willie to lure Jason back to Barnabas on purpose, but it seems like he was trying to help out his friend one last time. And this time, I'm guessing Jason's greed will get the best of him.

Christine: Hope to see Jason's comeuppance tomorrow!

"The sun sets and the sun rises, but only night could become eternal, the blackness that is always." -Barnabas

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  1. A great showcase episode for Dennis Patrick. Serves as a reminder just how much of a scoundrel Jason really is.