Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 297 - 8/15/67

Sam serves Joe a cup of coffee after a long night watching over Maggie. He expresses concern that whoever abducted Maggie might try again. Sam wonders if it would be better to move away from Collinsport. Joe's not thrilled by the idea, but says it might be a good idea. Maggie comes out of her room and asks if they've been up all night. They say they've been talking. She mentions going to see if she could get her old job back. Sam tells her they were thinking it might be good to take a trip. Maggie says she's not afraid, and she plans to pick up her life where she left off.

Maggie examines the doll in her room. She picks up a book from her night table and sits down to read. Suddenly, Sarah appears in the doorway. Maggie invites her in. She asks if Maggie is feeling better, saying she was worried about her. She says she missed her. Maggie asks why. Sarah says she's her very best friend. Maggie asks if she's new to the neighborhood, and asks her name. Sarah says she lives in a big house, and asks if Maggie remembers her. She asks her to play, and Maggie agrees. They play catch, and Sarah sings London Bridge. Maggie joins in, and says she hasn't sung it in a long time. Sarah says they used to sing it together. Maggie asks if she knows what happened to her. Sarah is upset that Maggie doesn't remember her—just like everyone else. She says she wants her doll, since only her doll remembers her. Maggie gives her the doll on her bed, and Sarah runs out.

Maggie looks at her father's sketch of Sarah, and asks him who she is. He says he has no idea. He checked around, and no one knew her. Maggie says Sarah knows something about her. She asks her father to find her, and he tells her he'll try. She goes to her room and there's a knock at the door. It's Barnabas, checking in on Maggie. He's pleased to hear she's doing well. He asks Sam if Maggie has any idea what happened to her. Sam explains she can't remember anything after she disappeared. Barnabas asks if she remembers anyone involved, and Sam says regretfully not. Sam says they are concerned that whoever abducted her may come back. Barnabas asks to see her. Sam calls to her, and she comes out of her room. She greets him and invites him to sit down. Sam asks Barnabas if he can keep Maggie company while he delivers a painting. He promises to take very good care of her.

Barnabas asks Maggie about her memory. She says they've asked her everything, including why she went to Eagle Hill Cemetery. She has no idea what she'd be doing up there. Barnabas asks her if she thinks she'd recognize her kidnapper if she saw him. She says she hopes so. Maggie tells him about the strange girl who visited him today. She said she had spent time with her, playing games and singing London Bridge. Barnabas asks how old she was. Maggie says 8 or 9, and she wore an old style dress. Barnabas asks if she knows her name. When she says Sarah, he bolts up. Maggie says she thinks Sarah knows something about what happened to her. Barnabas says that the man responsible for abducting her may be apprehended.

That night, as Maggie sleeps, the wolves howl outside. A shadow appears outside her door, and Barnabas walks in on her. He looks around the room and picks up a pillow. He approaches Maggie, and before he can do anything, he hears Sarah singing London Bridge. He asks where she is, and what she wants. He slowly backs out of the room.

Our thoughts

John: The color in today's episode looked surprisingly good. Better than last Friday's episode. Maybe I'll get used to this after all. That's a fine quilt on Sam's couch!

Christine: Those were my thoughts exactly—right down to the quilt! I imagine the color quality will vary by episode, but it did look pretty good today. Sam's not such a bad painter, after all.

John: The Barnabas/Sarah connection has finally been made! And not a moment too soon for Maggie's sake.

Christine: I think it's odd that Maggie says she's not afraid, when she has no memory of the time she was abducted, and the perpetrator is still at large.

John: Where are Joe and Sam? Where are the guards? This is their idea of better protection than before? Maggie was nearly smothered to death. Fortunately Sarah was on ghost watch!

Christine: Barnabas really is a reluctant vampire. It seems he'd prefer to smother or strangle his victims rather than simply drain them of blood. I wonder how he's sustaining himself these days.


Dave Dykema said...

It is rather ridiculous that Barnabas always tries to strangle or smother his victims rather than just bite them. I'm sure a man biting a man was verboten back then (thus Willie's wounds on his wrist), but I don't get why he isn't shown biting women on the neck.

SecondComingOfBast said...

I realize it has been some time now since you first posted this but remember Julia's warning in a previous episode. Barnabas is just being cautious. If Maggie is simply found dead, he can feign innocence. If she is found with bite marks and blood drained, not so much.

Christine said...

It makes sense that Barnabas was just being cautious in this case, but at the time, strangling seemed to be his signature move, with his usual targets being Willie, Julia and Maggie. It was notable that he did not seem to do much feeding, and that he was able to rein his impulses in and grab a throat rather than sink his teeth into it. ; )

TM said...

The color is indeed better in this episode, but I still miss the B/W and I think I always will. It’s ironic that the “updated” colorized Dark Shadows makes the show look more dated - the B/W was timeless and classy and suited the show’s theme so well

TM said...

Not sure why it posted three times, sorry