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Dark Shadows Episode 269 - 7/6/67

Liz walks along the cliff's edge at Widows' Hill.

Vicki comes into Liz' bedroom looking for her, and when she doesn't see her, she notices the Collins' family bible on her desk, open to the page with Liz' dates of birth AND death filled in.

Liz hears the call of the Widows' as she looks at the waves crashing on the rocks below. She backs away from the cliff, and starts to make a running jump when Vicki yells for her to stop. Vicki grabs her and pulls her back from the cliff. Liz explains it's the only thing for her to do. Vicki explains there must be another way out. Vicki tells her she's carried a terrible secret for 18 years, and she's managed to be strong. Liz says she deserves to be punished for killing her husband. Vicki says that she should tell her family the truth. She says if she were to take her life, Carolyn would blame herself. She grabs Vicki and hugs her.

Liz and Vicki return to the house. She tells Vicki that she said goodbye to the house a little while ago, and she thought she'd never see it again. Vicki asks if she can tell Carolyn why she's marrying Jason. Vicki says she can wait, and suggests that Jason isn't better off going to the sheriff and telling him what happened 18 years ago. Liz says it's too late to call his bluff. Liz asks Vicki not to tell anyone what happened. She agrees, and also offers to fix the date in the family bible. Jason walks in on them and asks to speak with Liz. She says she wants Vicki to stay. He hands Liz the wedding ring he purchased for her. He asks her to try it on and she refuses. Jason insists that Vicki leave, and she refuses. Liz tells her she can go, and that she's got things under control.

Jason asks if Liz has told Vicki anything. She tells him she only tells people what she thinks they should know. She tells him she'll let him put the ring on her finger during the ceremony, but not before. She tells him it will never be a real marriage, and storms out.

In The Blue Whale, Burke is on the phone thanking someone for their report on Jason McGuire. Vicki arrives and says she arrived as quickly as she could. Burke tells her he had investigators look into Jason. He says Jason has an international reputation, accused of smuggling, swindling and extortion. They never had enough evidence, but he's wanted for questioning in several countries. Burke wants to get the information to Liz. Vicki says there is a chance, and the  two leave.

Vicki asks Liz to speak with Burke. She reluctantly agrees. He tells her he wants her to know what kind of man Jason is. He hands her the report of illegal activities he's involved in. She refuses to look at it. Jason walks in on them, and Liz says he came to wish her well. Burke says he came to talk her out of marrying him. Jason points out that he failed. Jason asks what he's referring to. Burke hands him the report. Burke explains that's all he could come up with on short notice. Jason asks Liz if any of the information bothers her, and she says no. Jason invites Burke to join them at the wedding. He kisses Liz on the cheek and then heads upstairs.

Our thoughts

John: I still don't get why Vicki is so comfortable with the fact that Liz killed Paul. Yes, Jason is a bit of a scumbag, but that doesn't make up for the fact that she's a murderer!

Christine: If Liz were truly a murderer, then she would have taken care of Jason by now. It is certainly problematic that Vicki is willing to be complicit in covering up a murder without any explanation for the manner of Paul Stoddard's death. Unfortunately, the writers are making Vicki kind of a dum-dum.

John: I thought we might finally get an epic confrontation with Liz, Vicki and Jason. Sadly, Liz was feeling tough and sent Vicki away. It would have been interesting to see if Jason would have spoken honestly in front of Vicki.

Christine: All I can say is, where's Barnabas when we need him?

John: Burke lays out just what kind of cad Jason is, and Liz still says she's going ahead with the wedding. Jason must be feeling pretty confident that things are going to go off without a hitch, but something tells me that we're not going to have a smooth wedding on Friday.

One ring to rule them all.

Someone lagged on the ocean waves today.

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  1. That's one of the major problems with the Vicki character (as written). She's too trusting and naive, even after all the weird things she's seen the past year (well, the past few months anyway).

    My favorite part of this particular episode is when Liz hugs Vicki at the cliff...a very touching moment. Liz has treated Vicki like a member of the family, perhaps that's why Vicki's willing to cut her some major slack. Now, on to the wedding!