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Dark Shadows Episode 277 - 7/18/67

In Josette's bedroom, Barnabas listens to her music box. He puts it down and walks to her bed. Willie enters and tells Barnabas the word around town is that Jason left town like the sheriff told him. Willie says he'll forget Jason, and Barnabas tells him to remember what happened to him. He then tells Willie that Josette's room will be occupied very soon. Barnabas says that unlike Maggie Evans, the next one will come of her own free will. Barnabas says the house must be a more inviting place. He says he'll invite the Collins family for a party, to show Elizabeth and his relatives the renovations. He says it will be a costume party, with everyone dressed appropriate to the period, including Vicki in Josette's dress.

Roger finds Liz in the drawing room going through the company accounts. He asks why she doesn't come down to the office. He tells her there's no reason for her to stay in the house as she has for the past 18 years. She agrees to go to the cannery with him. Roger asks if she's going to refill the position created for Jason. She says no. Roger says he'd like to know where Jason is, as he left all of his belongings. He also said the sheriff confirmed that he didn't leave by bus or train, as they were watching for him. He was last seen at The Blue Whale with Willie. Liz says Vicki saw him there, and gave him quite a tongue lashing. Liz says she'll have Mrs. Johnson pack up his things, and if they don't see him again, they'll be donated to charity.

Barnabas comes to the main house, where Vicki invites him in. He takes a moment to point out the moon over the ocean, and then wax poetic about the night. He tells her his library is at her disposal. He says that he'd like to recreate a moment out of the past now that the restoration has moved along.

He asks to speak with Liz and Roger. They join them in the drawing room. Roger points out that he lives so near, and yet they so rarely see him. He says he'd like to rectify that. He tells them that he wants to celebrate the restoration of the house, and host a family party, but not just an ordinary party. He wants to host a costume party of the period. Roger and Vicki are both excited by the idea. He tells them all that he will provide the costumes, the original clothes of their ancestors. Vicki thanks him for including her. He asks Liz if she'll come, and she says she doesn't think so.

Alone with Liz in the drawing room, Roger tells her how disappointed Barnabas is. Roger asks for one good reason why she can't go. He tells her to stop acting like a recluse. She thinks that she probably should attend, but she doesn't like the notion of living in the past. Roger offers to bring her home early if she'd like. She agrees to go, and Roger calls Barnabas in. She tells him she'll go to the party and he's quite pleased. He tells everyone that they'll each be portraying a family member. Roger assumes that Barnabas will be coming as his namesake. He tells Roger he will be the very wealthy Joshua Collins, his father. Liz will be Naomi Collins. Vicki asks who she will be, and he says Josette Collins. 

Our thoughts

John: Just when it looked like Jason McGuire was wrapped up in a nice bow and tucked into the Collins family crypt, it sounds like he won't be forgotten so quickly.

Christine: You can't blame the Collins family for wanting to be sure he won't sneak his way back into Collinwood in the middle of the night. He could hide out in the closed off section of the house and they'd never even know, if he weren't already rotting away with the Collins' ancestors.

John: Barnabas needs to work on his pick-up lines. I think Vicki was into him until he suggested they talk about death. Vicki has a similar reaction when he tells her that she'll be coming to his party as Josette Collins.

Christine: I thought she'd be a little more excited about coming as Josette, considering the affinity she feels after acting as medium for her. Perhaps she was just being pensive about the pervy vibes she was getting from Barnabas.

John: Even when living in seclusion, Liz had been to the old house. What reason could keep her away now?

Christine: Perhaps she senses that dressing up in period costumes may lead to time travel. Barnabas' little costume party offers an opportunity for a lighthearted moment after the never ending tribulations at Collinwood. Will they imbibe copious amounts of amontillado and play truth or dare, or will the ghost of Jason McGuire show up to spoil their good fun?

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