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Dark Shadows Episode 260 - 6/23/67

A bell rings three times, and Willie realizes that Maggie has only two hours to live. He tells the portrait of Barnabas that he should die, and that he should take the hammer downstairs and take care of him. He then realizes that he can't do it.

Maggie hears footsteps, and Willie enters her cell with food. He sees she's holding a doll, and he asks her where she found it. He asks to see it and she gets defensive. He asks her to drink milk he brought for her, and when she starts to he stops her. He says it's poison. He wanted her death to be easier than whatever Barnabas had planned. He leaves it with her, and says she has a few hours to decide how she wants to die. She says he can escape with her. He refuses and leaves, locking the cell behind him.

Maggie hears the music of London Bridge, and looks up to see the girl. Maggie asks if she's real, or if she's just imagining her. Sarah offers to let her keep her doll. Maggie pleads for the girl to help her. Maggie asks her to tell her how she can get out of her cell. The girl says her father told her she isn't supposed to tell anyone, not even her brother. The girls says a rhyme, and tells Maggie she has to figure it out on her own. She gets up, and when she turns, the girl is gone again.

Sam works on a portrait when the girl appears in the house. She says she's looking for Sam Evans, and he says that's him. She asks if he'd paint a picture of her. He offers to draw a picture of her. He says he will as long as she doesn't tell the other kids in the neighborhood. He asks her name and she says it's Sarah. He said he doesn't recognize her, and she says she was gone for a long time, and now she's back. She asks if he has a little girl. He tells her about Maggie. She asks if he misses her. She asked where he's looked, and Sam says everywhere. She asks if he looked on the beach below Widow's Hill. She says he might find her there tonight. He finishes off the drawing, and looks up to find her gone.

Barnabas lays in his open coffin as the sun sets.

Maggie continues to work through the puzzle the girl left her with, in an attempt to escape from her cell.

Meanwhile. Barnabas stirs in his coffin.

Maggie thinks the grate high on the wall is what the girl was referring to.

Barnabas sits up in his coffin.

Maggie touches the bricks beneath the grate, searching for a secret exit.

Barnabas makes his way towards Maggie's cell.

Maggie pushes a brick as she hears Barnabas approach. The wall opens up, and she ducks in.

Barnabas enters her cell and calls to Maggie, who is nowhere to be found. He sees the open wall panel, and enters.

Maggie works her way through the subterranean passageways.

Barnabas calls to her, telling her she won't escape.

Our thoughts

John: What was the source of the bell ringing? Is there a bell tower on the property?

Christine: I believe they had it installed some time around Episode 222, to herald Barnabas' appearance at dusk.

John: Sarah stopping by to see Sam was a pleasant surprise. And her message that he could find Maggie at the base of Widow's Hill is rather ominous. Will Sam find her after she's leapt off Widow's Hill?

Christine: That hadn't occurred to me. I assumed Sarah went to see Sam at Maggie's request in an effort to save her by leading him to where the secret passage let out.

John: Yeah, it ultimately played out that way, though I thought they missed an opportunity for greater suspense. That said, it's a great third act! Now the burning question is if Maggie escapes, how will Barnabas not be implicated? Between this and yesterday's revelation, this is another milestone week in Collinsport.

Christine: It bothered me that Maggie didn't close the secret passageway to stall Barnabas' pursuit, though it was suspenseful to have him following so closely behind her. It has certainly been an exciting week on Dark Shadows!

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  1. Surely Barnabas knew about that secret passage? After all, it's been established that he knows every brick inside that house. Terrific scene between Sam and Sara. I'm rooting for Maggie to make a full escape, but she's not out of danger yet with Barnabas hot on her heels. Tune in next week to find out...