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Dark Shadows Episode 261 - 6/26/67

Maggie exits her cell through a secret panel. Barnabas enters and sees the open door. He calls to Maggie and enters the secret passageway. Maggie searches for a way out as Barnabas draws closer. He calls to her, telling her she'll never escape. A door suddenly opens before Maggie, as she hears the music of London Bridge play. She follows the music which leads her to a light.

Maggie is now outdoors, at first in the woods and then on the beach. She lies down, clutching the doll, when Barnabas appears standing over her.

Sam Evans searches for Maggie with a flashlight.

Barnabas grabs Maggie's arm to lift her up and she screams.

Sam hears her screams and calls out.

Barnabas, hearing Sam, leaves the scene before Sam arrives. Maggie comes to but does not speak.

Barnabas watches, perhaps influencing Maggie's ability to respond to her father.

In the hospital, Maggie is examined by the doctor. Joe arrives, and when he touches her hand, she recoils. The doctor asks Sam what he was doing wandering around Widow's Hill. He tells him that a strange girl appeared in his living room while he was painting. He agreed to do a quick sketch of the girl, and while he was doing so, she told him where he might find Maggie, Sam says her name was Sarah, and Maggie stirs at the sound of the name. She calls to her poppa, and asks for her doll. They give her the doll she had when she was found. She then asks when they're going to the fair. Sam tells the doctor that years ago, he promised to take her to the fair, but something came up.

Joe tries to talk to Maggie, and she doesn't recognize him. She asks if they're friends, and he says yes. She offers to let him hold her doll. The doctor suggests they step into the next room to talk.

The doctor explains he thinks she's trying to block out something, retrogressing to a time in her life when she felt safe. The doctor says that since whoever abducted her may try to kidnap her again, he suggests that they communicate that she's dead. He wants to send her to stay with Dr. Julia Hoffman. They all agree to communicate that Maggie is dead.

Sam checks in on Maggie, and tells her they're taking a trip to somewhere where she'll be safe.

Barnabas asks a nurse for Maggie Evans' room number. The doctor appears and is surprised to see Barnabas. Barnabas says he heard a rumor that Maggie was found and brought to the hospital. The doctor tells him that Maggie is dead. Barnabas is shocked. He asks if she told anyone what happened. The doctor says no, and Barnabas asks him to extend his condolences. As he leaves, Barnabas smiles.

Our thoughts

John: Isn't it strange that Sam, who was looking for Maggie, didn't immediately recognize her when he found her?

Christine: I think it was supposed to be dark out, though it didn't appear to be, which made it look funny for him to ask if it was her. That robe she was wearing sure got tattered during her escape. I guess she had to crawl through bramble bushes or something on her way out. Luckily Barnabas took the easy way out, so his suit looks as pristine as when he steps out of his coffin every evening.

John: Was leaving Maggie alone in the room a good idea based on prior experiences? And what kind of a doctor has a plan all laid out to lie about a patient's death, down to forging all the necessary documents? Will this Dr. Hoffman be another quack job like the parapsychologist who looked after Liz?

Christine: Are you calling the beloved Dr. Peter Guthrie a quack? How dare you besmirch his memory, sir!

John: How much more guilty can someone look than arriving at the hospital to check on a victim before the word would have a chance to get out? I think the doctor dropped the ball here not questioning Barnabas' motives.

Christine: Especially when he looked so relieved to hear that she hadn't told anybody what had happened to her before her reported death. Dr. Woodard has never proven himself to be very astute.

Barnabas: "She never told anyone what had happened?
Dr. Woodard: "No. She never spoke a word."

Barnabas: "Then no one will ever know what happened to her."

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  1. Dr. Woodard is either totally baffled or he's totally ready with a in-between! It's highly unlikely that word about Maggie being found spread all over town in the dead of night, but whatever. The little self-satisfied smirk on Barnabas's face as he turns to leave is another priceless moment. Also notice how Dr. Hoffman is now a "she" instead of a "he". Of course, we're soon to meet this Hoffman fellow, er, woman...stay tuned!