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Dark Shadows Episode 222 - 5/3/67

Willie is lighting candles in the old house when there's a knock at the door. He hides as Vicki lets herself in, calling for Mr. Collins. She enters and is startled by Willie. She asks why he's there, and he says he'd rather not say. He tells her to get out of the house right now. She says she's there to see Barnabas. Willie tells her he met him on the road. He had a flat tire and he changed it for him. He says Barnabas hired him to work on fixing up the old house.

She asks where Barnabas is, and Willie asks why she wants to know. She says that Mrs. Stoddard wanted to invite him for dinner. She asks when he'll be back and Willie snaps at her, saying he doesn't know. He then apologizes. She compliments him on the job he's done cleaning up the place. She points out how she can see the sunset out the window, and Willie pressures her to leave immediately.

She does, and he closes the door behind her as Barnabas appears. He asks Willie why he was in a rush to get rid of her. He suggests that Willie thinks she was in some sort of danger, and that his actions were very considerate.

Maggie bursts into her home and locks the door behind her. She turns on a lamp and takes off her coat as she breathes deeply. There's a knock at the door and she calls out to see who it is. Barnabas announces himself, and she opens the door for him, though keeping it nearly closed. He asks to come in, and she invites him. He asks her what's wrong, and she says she feels like she was followed home. Barnabas opens the door and looks outside, telling her there's no one there. She mentions that a girl was attacked the other night down by the waterfront. She says that, on top of all the animals dying, has got the whole town nervous. Barnabas says he came to see her because she mentioned her father was a painter. He asks to see some of his paintings. Barnabas seems impressed.

Sam returns home, and she introduces him to Barnabas. Sam says he was worried about Maggie, as just an hour earlier another girl was attacked. She got away when a car drove by. Barnabas asks if they have any leads. Sam says neither of the women got a look at him. Barnabas asks if Sam would accept a commission to do a portrait of him. He offers $1000, and Sam accepts. Barnabas asks when he can start, and Sam says he can come by in the morning. Barnabas asks if it will be possible to do the painting at his house. Sam agrees, and then Barnabas asks if he can start tonight, and work only at nights. Sam says it's possible, but he's used to the North lights to lay out his colors. Barnabas says he's sure Sam is the right man for the job, and agrees to see Sam later that evening.

At the old house, Maggie helps her father set up to begin the portrait. She says she'll be back in a few hours to get him, and Barnabas offers to arrange to get her father home, so she doesn't need to drive at night. She leaves, and Barnabas assumes his pose for the portrait. Sam begins sketching on the canvas.

In the main house, Vicki answers a knock at the front door. It's Maggie. She says she was on the property, so she thought she'd drop in. She explains she dropped her father off at the old house to begin a portrait of Barnabas. Vicki shows her the portrait of Barnabas in the foyer.

Barnabas remains still like a statue. Sam yawns, the portrait well underway. A rooster crows, and Sam points out the sun will be out any minute. Barnabas says they are finished for the night, and Sam explains he wants to make one more change. He does so, and when he's finished, he looks up from the canvas to find Barnabas gone. He finds Willie, who says Mr. Collins asked him to take Sam home. Sam says he wants to talk to Barnabas about the next sitting. Willie says that Mr. Collins would like to see him again after sundown.

Our thoughts

John: Let's see. Maggie feels like she was followed home, but no one was there. Except Barnabas. Hmm. I bet Sherlock Holmes could figure this one out...

Christine: Whatever happened to that tough talking blonde we met in Episode 1 that has become the quivering mess of Maggie Evans? Vicki notes that Willie has changed a lot, probably because he didn't leer at her, though the fact that he cares enough to try to protect her from Barnabas is also part of his metamorphosis. There's still no sign of Josette's portrait.

John: Wouldn't you think Barnabas might be a little more aware of the time than to remain seated for his portrait until RIGHT before sunrise?

Christine: He probably is, but the writers have to make a point of it to folks who don't yet know he's a vampire. It seems the Collins family now keeps roosters on the property and has a bell tower that rings throughout the grounds. It can be heard when Willie escorts Sam out of the Old House. Sam has an odd way of going about his portraits. Is he leaving the place for fangs empty as he did the place for David with his Phoenix mom?

John: This is a fun period of the show that I remember well, as I did watch a number of episodes when the first DVD sets were released. It's great that Barnabas swings from being the ultimate charmer at the main house to a hard-nosed task master to Willie Loomis. And to Maggie... well, I guess we'll find out who he is with Maggie soon enough.

Christine: Every episode with Barnabas is a treat. It's clear to see why they couldn't kill him off.

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