Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 263 - 6/28/67

Vicki finds Carolyn in the drawing room. She tells Vicki that the paper says another girl was attacked last night. Vicki says the police will catch the maniac, and Carolyn tells her that she had a dream that she would be the next victim. She describes a hand reaching out from darkness, grabbing her. She tells Vicki she was so scared she couldn't scream. Vicki says she's going to check in with Mr. Evans, to see if there's anything she can do. Carolyn says she'll do the same with Joe. The girls agree not to speak of Buzz or Jason, so they'll have nothing to argue about.

Vicki tells Carolyn she's agreed to be her mother's witness when she marries Jason. Carolyn is upset, telling Vicki that she's becoming like a daughter to Liz. Contrary to what she just said, Carolyn tells Vicki that they can't be friends.

Sam speaks with the doctor over the phone about Maggie's condition. There's a knock at the door so he hangs up with the doctor. He welcomes Vicki in. She asks him if there's anything she can do. He says it's very kind of her, but there's nothing she can do. She offers to dispose of Maggie's things, and Sam gets defensive. Sam starts to tell Vicki the truth about Maggie, but stops short.

Joe sits on the dock having lunch when Carolyn shows up to see him. Carolyn mentions it's been less than a year since she used to meet him here for lunch. She tries to say she's sorry about what happened to Maggie, and he tells her he doesn't want or need her sympathy. He gives her a cup of coffee and says he's heard she's getting married. He says he hopes she's happy. She says a lot of people think she's making a mistake, and he tells her it's her business. Carolyn points out that she can be selfish and cruel, particularly how she treated Joe. He suggests she might be hooking up with the wrong person out of spite. She says she loves Buzz, and Joe says in that case marry him. But if she's just doing it to hurt her mother, she shouldn't.

Vicki and Carolyn update each other on their meetings. Carolyn says she admires how Joe is handling things. Carolyn tells Vicki that she's going out with Buzz

Joe asks Sam about Maggie. He says Dr. Hoffman has had her first meeting. He mentions that Vicki stopped by, and tells Joe that he almost told her the truth. Joe is explicit that they not let anyone know Maggie is not dead. He said he felt bad when Carolyn told him how sorry she was about Maggie. Sam agrees they need to keep the secret, and says they need to find the maniac responsible.

Our thoughts

John: So how again is it best to keep someone like Vicki out of the loop on Maggie's condition? Of course, she might share the news within the family, which would lead to Barnabas possibly finding out...

Christine: Neither Sam nor Joe are acting as distraught as we would expect them to be. I'm surprised that Vicki didn't pick up on that when she was with Sam. It appears that Barnabas is back to attacking the young ladies of Collinsport now that Maggie has escaped his clutches. Who will be the lucky lady he chooses to be his next Josette? 

John: I guess we can add Vicki to the list of victims of Carolyn's yo-yo attack behavior.

Christine: Hasn't she always been on that list? Perhaps Vicki didn't need to tell her about being the witness at her mother's wedding just as they were making nice.

John: Once again, Joe deserves credit for not falling victim to Carolyn. It just struck me, but I'm wondering why, if she really wanted to get back at her mother, that she didn't sidle up to Burke Devlin instead of Buzz. At least then there would be a chance for her to be happy at the end of the day.

Christine: She knows Burke only has eyes for Vicki and wouldn't want to face the humiliation of having him reject her again. We got some nice footage out at the docks today.

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  1. This episode is more of a traditional "soap opera" installment. A nice little breather after the big doings recently.