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Dark Shadows Episode 251 - 6/12/67

Maggie and Willie walk down to the basement of the old house, where two coffins are present. Willie tells her to wait, and she begs him not to leave her. He says no one else is to be there, and goes back upstairs. Maggie grabs a metal spike off of the floor, and as she hears a heartbeat, lifts open the coffin containing Barnabas. She raises the spike, poised to strike, when he opens his eyes and smiles, baring his fangs. She screams and drops the spike

Barnabas asks Maggie if she was trying to hurt, or destroy, him. He says Josette wouldn't do that, but Maggie Evans might do that. Maggie says that's not her name, and Barnabas says she lied, and she has to die.

As he grasps her throat, Willie runs downstairs to stop him. He gets between them and tries to convince Barnabas not to hurt her.

Barnabas threatens to kill him as well, but Willie makes a case that he doesn't want authorities searching for two people. Willie points out someone pounding on the front door. Barnabas tells him to stay with Maggie, and that if she attempts to move or cry out, he'll kill both of them.

Upstairs, Barnabas opens the door to find Vicki. She explains that Mrs. Stoddard sent her to send a message. The sheriff has instituted a curfew, and Liz wanted Barnabas to know. She says it has to do with the attacks, and Maggie Evans. Barnabas asks if there's been any word, and when Vicki says no, he suggests she must be dead. Vicki counters that she may be alive and in the clutches of a madman.

In the basement, Willie tells Maggie not to scream or Barnabas will kill them both. He asks her what she did, and she explains she tried to kill him. She said she doesn't want to be turned into something inhuman. Willie says if Barnabas could be killed, he would have already done it. Willie encourages her to cooperate, so she can stay alive and have a chance of escape.

Vicki says Liz wondered why Barnabas hasn't been to the house lately. He explains he's been remiss in visiting. She spots Josette's music box, and he offers to play it for her. He does, and she says the music reminds her of the past. She says she had better get back to the house before it gets dark. She leaves, and he resumes playing the music box.

As Barnabas comes downstairs, Willie tells Maggie to let him do the talking. Barnabas asks if Josette has waited for him patiently. He says she is no longer worthy of the name Josette, and that she will die with her common name of Maggie Evans. He says she will endure great pains before she dies. Willie says Barnabas still needs him to protect him during the day. Barnabas seems to think he can find a replacement. Willie then changes his strategy, suggesting Barnabas still wants Maggie as his bride. Barnabas says he can't look at her. Willie apparently convinces him, as he tells him to stay put while he takes her away.

Barnabas takes Maggie to a cell in the basement. He locks her in and says that's where she'll stay until he decides what to do with her.

At the main house, Barnabas stops by to see Liz. Vicki says she's upstairs resting, and he offers her a gift to give Liz. It's a handkerchief given to Josette by the queen of France. Vicki says that she's sure Liz will love it, as she personally thinks it's wonderful. She says she's very interested in family history, as she's an orphan. He's interested to find that out. As he leaves, Barnabas invites her to the house to discuss family history sometime.

Maggie lies on an old mattress in her cell when she hears someone coming downstairs. Barnabas enters, and tells her he has made his decision. He wants to kill her. But he also wants to marry her. He says she must come to him of her own free will.  Maggie says she'll never be Josette Collins. He tells her that her beauty is all that is saving her. He says she'll stay in the cell and leaves her.

Our thoughts

John: Weird. Other than when we see the previous episode's finale in the pre-credits sequence (like the opening to this episode,) we've never had a narrator re-cap of the episodes like we got today. And in doing so (since this is a kinescope) we lose the first 45 seconds of Act I. Fortunately, thanks to the Dark Shadows Wiki, we know what we missed:
        Barnabas: What are you holding, Josette?  
        Maggie: (unable to get words out) I... I...  
        Barnabas: Isn't that one of Willie's tools? Let me see it. (He snatches it away from her) What were you planning to do with this? What’s the matter? Can’t you speak?  
        Maggie: Please  
        Barnabas: Please what? What are you asking to do?  
        Maggie: Don't...  
        Barnabas: Don't? Don't... what? I'm afraid you're not making sense, Josette.  
        Maggie: (a fleeting moment of hope) Yes, I... I am Josette.  
        Barnabas: Of course. My bride.  
        Maggie: Yes... your bride.  
        Barnabas: And we're going to be happy together.  
        Maggie: Yes...  
        Barnabas: To the end of time.  
        Maggie: Yes...
Christine: It seems he retracted his fangs during that exchange, which must be why he decided to throttle her rather than give her a bite. We have yet to see him actually bite anyone yet. I wonder if Barnabas ever changes his suit or just gets out of the coffin already dressed and ready to go every evening.

John: Barnabas gets some great lines today, including: "You're assuming I'm not capable enough to cope with idiots. Unfortunately for you, I am."

Christine: Another reason to love Barnabas. I like how Vicki broke curfew to inform Barnabas that there was a curfew.

John: So now that the shine has worn off of Maggie, has Barnabas already found a replacement in Victoria Winters?

Christine: It seemed as though he were sizing her up to be his new Josette. I wonder how Burke will feel about him inviting Victoria up to the Old House to reminisce about the history of the Collins family.

Vicki would probably love to have that necklace.

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