Monday, June 19, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 256 - 6/19/67

Maggie hears a child singing, "London Bridge is Falling Down." She gets up and sees a girl outside of her cell. She calls to her, but the girl doesn't acknowledge her. She tells the girl to stop singing, so she doesn't call attention to herself. She then tells her to leave and tell someone she needs help before they find her. The girl finally stops singing, but still doesn't acknowledge Maggie's presence.

She walks away, and Willie comes downstairs. He opens her cell door and brings her a bowl of food. He tells her that he heard her talking to someone. She said she would have seen if there was someone else there. Willie opens the music box and tells her she's supposed to keep playing it. She says she doesn't want to, and he closes it. She asks for his help escaping. He says he can't help her. He says if he could escape, he would have. After Willie leaves, the little girl is back outside Maggie's cell.

Vicki is working with David when Carolyn walks in. Vicki sends David outside to play, and Carolyn tells her she plans to go all the way with Buzz. She says she's going to marry him on the day her mother marries Jason McGuire. Vicki asks her why she wants to ruin her life. Carolyn tells her Buzz is saintly compared to the men her mother chose: her father and Jason McGuire.

While David swings on a swing, the girl who was outside Maggie's cell calls him over to play with her. He asks if she has any friends, and she says she can't find them. He asks if she lives around here, and she says yes. She introduces herself as Sarah. She says she knows his name. They start playing catch, and Sarah sings London Bridge. She asks if he knows the song, and he says he does, but doesn't want to sing it. She says she's got to find her friends, and leaves him alone outside the old house. Willie comes outside and asks who he was talking to. David says he was talking to another kid, and Willie says he shouldn't bring kids around. He says he didn't, and Willie tells him to go home.

David returns home and tells Carolyn Buzz is outside. He tells her he likes his motorcycle. Carolyn leaves, and David finds Vicki in the drawing room. He tells her he wants a motorcycle like Buzz has. David tells Vicki that he ran into a girl named Sarah by the old house. He tells her she was singing "London Bridge". Vicki asks why he didn't bring her home. He said her hair and clothes looked like they were from a long long time ago.

Maggie hears footsteps outside her cell, and Willie comes in. He points out that she didn't eat her food. Maggie tells him she'd rather die of starvation than by 'his' way, referring to Barnabas. Willie takes the bowl and leaves. Maggie opens the music box and paces in her cell when she hears the girl singing again. She closes the music box, and again tries to get the girl's attention. She asks the girl if she told anyone that she saw her. The girl turns to Maggie and tells her if she sees her big brother, not to tell him that she saw her.

Our thoughts

John: It's worth pointing out that listening to Sarah's singing could be considered a fate worse than death.

Maggie: "You've stopped singing. That's good. That's very good."

Christine: Maggie may end up begging to become Barnabas' vampire bride to escape the singing. It's also worth noting that Robert Cobert has 23 London Bridge music cues. I'm afraid this tune is going to be stuck in our heads for some time. Little Sarah traded her doll on Friday for a ball today. I guess she couldn't have asked David to play dolly with her.

John: Buzz didn't make the cut for this episode, but who needs him when you have good motorcycle sound effects anyway.

Christine: He really brings some joie de vivre to the show. David is likely to be the only one who will be happy about Carolyn's marriage to Buzz. He could be the big brother that David sorely needs.

John: So Sarah Collins would appear to be Barnabas Collins' younger sister. Has she been lurking around the old house all these years, or is she part of Barnabas' baggage?

Christine: It would be cool if she were a little vampire, but since she was out playing with David during the day, I guess she's not. I wonder why the Old House has a dungeon in it anyway.

David impresses Sarah by imitating an awkward kangaroo.

Then he teases her about her favorite song. No wonder he doesn't have many friends.


  1. I have a real hang-up about ANY piece of music you can't get away from, REGARDLESS of how much I liked it initially. So between "London Bridge" and that music box tune, Maggie really has my sympathy.

  2. So, Sarah can communicate freely with David, but with Maggie it's all a one-way street. She can seem to hear Maggie at times but doesn't actually engage her in conversation (except to tell Maggie something cryptic about her brother). Also, the normally inquisitive David doesn't really question Sarah too much on who she is or where she came from (which Vicky would've rightly insisted on finding out). Also, the actress playing Sarah has a habit of frequently looking just off camera (teleprompter, director?) that kinda adds to her overall creepiness. And, of course, that lovely song...